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  1. village.photos have just expired its certificate of authenticity. I think they should fix this mistake very quickly. Vytautas
  2. This is an error on the http://village.photos side. It is to be hoped that they will rectify this Vytautas
  3. Really so! Pz.38 is one of the most beautiful tanks for me, and you prove this perfectly with your build. Looks really great. But I noticed one little thing - in Pz.38, the edges of the wheels were usually wiped down to the shiny metal. But now it's probably too late to change anything. Vytautas
  4. The view is just pleasing to the eye! The painting is excellent, look very luxurious (when I see a well-painted rusty, shabby, and dirty surface, for some reason I want to use the word "luxurious" ). Vytautas
  5. Looking really good, very similar to the painted surface of a real tank Vytautas
  6. I can be brag too - I feel the colors very well! Vytautas
  7. Thanks, it's not necessary . I looked at the last photo, like at a postcard, not like a model. The combination of colors is really good, in this case, I'm serious! Vytautas
  8. The combination of pink, yellowish wood, and green colors turned out to be very nice to me, especially in the last photo. Vytautas
  9. For me, Stug is the most beautiful self-propelled gun. I will be sure to follow your build. Vytautas
  10. Looks extremely clean, neat, and precise. Really great job! Vytautas
  11. Seeing the gearbox, only one thought comes to mind - WOW! But from an engineering point of view, I think there is one inaccuracy. Logically, the brakes ventilation pipes should connect to the center of the centrifugal fan, opposite the electric motor. In a centrifugal fan, air enters the center of the drum and is blown out tangentially through a channel in the side of the drum. But this is only a logical conclusion, I could not find a photo of this part. In any case, it's probably too late to change anything now. Vytautas
  12. It looks good, and for some reason, very festive. Great job! Vytautas
  13. The texture of the armor looks very good. How did you do this? All the other details look very good too. Vytautas
  14. This is by no means a copy! Absolutely not! I’m very surprised you could have thought that way! I'm just inspired and motivated by the right behavior of other people Cheers and stay safe Vytautas
  15. Gotta agree with what others have said Paulo, this is top-notch work! Vytautas
  16. Fabulous! Really well done, looks very impressive. It's true, I can confirm, the kit is really very good, some time ago I started making one. Vytautas
  17. Modelers are strange and delicate creatures, without compressed air they cannot survive for long The situation is unpleasant, I experienced it myself. I solved this problem using carbon dioxide - there is no noise, electricity is unnecessary, and there is no one to break since there are no moving parts: Vytautas
  18. In short: The extended version: all looks just perfect Vytautas
  19. Looks very nice, you don't even need to paint! And very good-looking all those details on the tank. Vytautas
  20. Looks very nice. The front of the cab looks particularly good with nameplates and other details. For brush, I use Revell water-based acrylic paint. They are thick, so they are good for a wet palette, cover well, and are cheaper than others (in Lithuania). Vytautas
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