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  1. You have done a lovely job there. I wanted to do an early F111 but the 48th scale kit I have only has Vietnam decals (can't remember the make - it's in my stash in the attic). Can anyone recommend an aftermarket set of decals? (I always seem to struggle when searching for decals online - most sites are not very user friendly when searching for something specific)
  2. I had a look on Ebay and found a double action gravity feed airbrush for £8.95! Just used it for the first time and it works perfectly. Build quality is not bad at all but at that price even if it fails they are cheaper than a replacement nozzle for the Aztek. Only issue was the connection as the adaptor just had a push-fit plug designed for a large-ish hose. I had an old Badger plastic hose so I soldered the adaptor into one of the ends and it works perfectly. While I was at it I thought I'd buy some modern varnish so also ordered some Mig mat
  3. Gave it another clean. This time I managed to extract a solid chunk of gunk that did not come out last time (not sure how I missed it). The pin ran smoothly and I could see there was no more gunk in the paint channel or pin channel. Tied it again with water having hand assembled it. I managed to get some spray out of it but was stuttering a bit but there were still some bubbles in the paint cup - but a lot less. Tightened the spray head with the spanner as I had read that this could be a cause and the whole thing just stopped working - no air or water getting through.
  4. Thanks once again Lasermonkey. I have completely disassembled it , cleaned everything (twice!) but to the same effect. I have a feeling there's a blockage somewhere inside the housing where the pin and paint mix. I thought I had completely cleaned it out but it's not very accessible so maybe there's a stubborn blockage out of sight. Your persistence has inspired me to give it one more go!
  5. Ta for the info. I think it's a 430. I've taken it apart again and found some blockages in the paint feed area inside where the cup attaches. Cleaned it all out. Cleaned the head (again). Increased the spring pressure slightly on the head in case that was preventing the needle springing back. Absolutely no difference! I think there's a problem with the pin mechanism but I just can't see what it is. I'm going to try a cheap gravity feed job off Ebay for my own sanity.
  6. Hello everyone I'm new in here but have taken the hobby back up during lockdown. I used to mainly brush paint aircraft models and then spray gloss and matt finishes during the finishing stages using my Aztek airbrush (plastic body type). I was going to try and use it more for feather edging etc but am having major issues just getting it to work at all. Air from the compressor is coming through but no paint. Tried it with one nozzle (grey) and nothing came through at all. Tried it with a tan nozzle and was getting air bubbles in the paint cup bu
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