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  1. Thank you for your comment glad you like, I agree with you on mirage too
  2. It was quite a long time since I didn't posted new model but here I finally managed to get finished HAF Mirage 2000 with a very special paint job on the tail. Awesome design on the tail (both sides) belongs to @omererkmen who is also doing fantastic paint job mainly on Turkish Air Force's and some other countries' aircrafts. This design for HAF is not applied irl but at least applied in scale model now! This was very unique one for me, wanted to share with you. There are some mistakes on the build itself obviously but I am trying to get better with each one. This was my 9th finished build I
  3. Love the paint job and this camo, I will keep this as reference for future build.
  4. Thank you! I used matt clear coat but seems it is not that matt look at all. (it is not that shiny in real) Thank you!
  5. Thank you! My favourite part was attaching ordnance
  6. Thank you for your kind words I might try to share few of my old builds later on but I will also post new projects for sure.
  7. Hello, Here is my first post as an amateur modeller, this was my 8. finished project. I am aware of some major problems but I would like to hear your comments and advices. Turkish air force specific decals (some service markings and tail crest) are printed by me -first attempt so not the best quality-, other decals are oob. Since decal paper was transparent I had to paint the areas as white which will have decals on top (except tail vulture crest), worst part of printing own decals In the last photo you can see one of my previous projects - modified Revell F-16 Solotürk -
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