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  1. .. .. collapsed ? Worse innings since 1948. Denly ‘top’ scorer, « says it all » was the brutal reaction in the BBC newsroom! Its all over, watershed moment
  2. .. you mean in terms of Archer getting the nod ? Yes, but leaving him off the 1st test is looking Increasingly like a mistake..
  3. ...everyone worrying about Smith, lets hope it hasn’t affected Archer - He looks quite a sensitive soul. My word though, his speed was fearsome .. fantastic afternoon’s play, your best batsman - possibly the difference between the two sides - hopping around like a cat on a hot tin roof! I can only recall one decent shot for four..
  4. ..crazy skill, detail and photos...wow! Etch control horns ? madness..! I've just finished mine...purely to give a better idea of the actual size of the model....no close-ups
  5. ..looks pretty decent from here..
  6. FalkeEins

    What are you reading?

    ... I found it to be a mashed-up compilation of' war-time 'experiences', some of which involve the Spitfire directly, while some quite simply, don't. Enjoying Tim Weaver's David Raker missing persons series
  7. s.Pz.Abt 503 Tigers with 12 Tiger IIs of I./503 were in action in Normandy including one 'famous' action which saw a Kingtiger disabled after being rammed by a Sherman.. (Irish Guards IIRC) . The Americans didn't encounter any Tiger IIs until late August at Mantes south-west of Paris attempting to cross the Seine.... for Panthers in Normandy (33 Pz. Rgt of the 9 Pz. Div) do a google image search
  8. FalkeEins

    BA retro colours

    ..photographed a couple of Wednesdays ago operating BA 243 LHR-MEX, my son's last B747 flight prior to A350 training..
  9. amazing.... (42 bids..)
  10. Article on cricinfo. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27191816/should-england-got-five-not-six-overthrows
  11. ..if that is the case (I'm not convinced..) the umpires surely took it into consideration. Nobody ran after the deflection yesterday, nobody 'claimed' for those runs after the ball hit Stokes - they were 'granted' by the umpires....I repeat ..if the ball is not at the wicket, it is not 'dead' ..the fielder having it in his hands doesn't count ..we've all seen situations where overthrows go for more overthrows.. 20.1.2 The ball shall be considered to be dead when it is clear to the bowler's end umpire that the fielding side and both batsmen at the wicket have ceased to regard it as in play. Whether the ball is finally settled or not is a matter for the umpire alone to decide.
  12. ..haha, just edited my post while you were posting. On reflexion, no-one is greater than Botham, what was I thinking. But yes, they are just talking about his Kiwi background on the BBC now - apparently he didn't come here until he was 15....but then that's us as a country isn't it.....open, welcoming and ready to develop (others) top talent!
  13. Brad, Brad, Brad.....well actually the match was a tie and the Super Over was tied, and we ended up winning on a 'technical' rule. But them's the rules - and overthrows are overthrows, I've never seen mention that the batsmen have to cross anywhere before the ball is thrown in. While the ball is 'live' anything goes and the ball wasn't dead until it hit the boundary ropes! In fact thinking about it they could have run another before the ball even reached the boundary - now that would have been controversial..But what excitement, I think we were all going bonkers at the end ! When that six off Archer sailed into the grand stand I thought we'd lost it, but credit to him he bowled two beauties to close out the Super Over. What a test for the youngster! And Stokes, what a player..
  14. ...stunning. The size of some of those etch parts is ridiculous. I have ‘blobs’ of glue that are much bigger, in fact I see no glue ‘traces’ at all, how do you apply it ? Worth pointing out again that your photos are about 5 times actual size! I used EZ line to rig mine, but really as John pointed out, you wrestle with the ‘elasticity’ all the time and in this scale you really need two pairs of hands, one to apply the accelerator just where its needed...
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