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  1. So, a revised stores of: Sky Shadow 2250ltr tank BOL TIALD EPW II BOL 2250ltr tank BOZ pod Nothing on the centre or rear shoulders Does anybody know of any other typical loads that might spice this up a bit whilst still being an accurate representation? RAPTOR/Storm Shadow etc? I'm guessing no threat and therefore no requirement for ALARMs either?
  2. @MT1 That would be ideal. Thank you. PM inbound.
  3. Ah, it looked a bit long to me. Certainly doesn't look like it could carry two on the same shoulder. I might have to try getting hold of the odd EPW 2 from somewhere. I have two, but they are both earmarked for a Herrick Harrier (once I'm feeling brave enough).
  4. Sorry @Jabba, I don't know how I missed your post. Unfortunately not. It'll be in 1:48. I got hold of the MA Op Telic pt.2 decals which include ZA553 albeit as was during the invasion of Iraq some years prior. Luckily it has the tail number in black AND white so these will be useable, but the "DI" designation is in the wrong colour (I would need them in white). And I'm still on the hunt for some 31Sqn markings. I'm hoping the new Revell GR4 Farewell might have the gold stars for the tail as well as the front fuselage.
  5. Thanks for the correction @Richard EE. I did think they looked like 2250's but couldn't imagine they'd need that size in theatre and talked myself out of it. I didn't mention the BOLs did I. And I'm guessing no AIM-9s due to lack of aerial threat? That's reassuring to know. I'd seen some of the Libya Typhoons carrying markings too and thought that was quite odd. Also makes for a more colourful model once it's done! Would the image be accurate to a typical loadout at that time or would it have carried (and perhaps already deployed) more weaponry than depicted?
  6. Also, as my undercarriage recognition is still in its infancy, could I just confirm what it is carrying? (P-S) Sky Shadow 1500ltr tank TIALD Paveway III 1500ltr tank BOZ pod Nothing on the centre or rear shoulders
  7. Evening all. I'm compiling information for an upcoming project where by I want to depict a Tonka on Telic (Op Telic 8 specifically, during my deployment). I've found a decent reference of ZA553/DI (previously deployed and fondly named "Dishy Intel" during the invasion of Iraq). The photographers notes appear to confirm that it was taken during the specified era with armaments relative to its time but one thing has me 2nd guessing... It's wearing Sqn Markings! 31Sqn in particular, and I can't seem to find any other evidence to confirm this. Could any of you fine gentlemen (or women) shed any light on this please? Here's the link to my reference: https://www.dvidshub.net/image/20448/tornado
  8. Cheers @f111guru, I think I'm finally of an age where I can walk away when things don't quite go to plan and come back with a fresh outlook on things. I'm currently working on a 1/72 Tornado GR4 (the old airfix one with the added weaponry). It's not the best kit but I figure if I can make a half decent model from it, I'll be happy just to get some practice in.
  9. So far I've managed to turn my first 2 builds into "practice" or "try something new" canvases ... But it's from our failures and mistakes that we learn the most!... (or so I'm told). Thank you for the warm welcome and wise words.
  10. Evening all! Having recently decided on revisiting a childhood pastime, I've found that this time around, I've become quite engrossed in this model building lark (read; thought I'd give it another bash, I can't have gotten much worse). My experience and finesse regarding scale models is on par with that of the average chimp, and my knowledge of aircraft/armour even more limited! That said; an interest exists, largely founded on a few fond childhood memories around Middle Wallop, Dishforth and a quick whizz around in some variant of Cessna! (Must be around 30 years ago now) These days I'm boots firmly on the ground, and ever-growing regrets of choosing green over blue help me to cry myself to sleep! Anyway, just thought I'd say hello and although read into a fair bit of info on here already, dare say I'll soon be tapping you all up for some info, tips, advice, knowledge and experience before too long! 'til then... TTFN!
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