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  1. Thanks for the replies folk.

    Noel, I had acrylic gloss (blue) on the wheels and used Humbrol acrylic gloss varnish expecting it to leave a glossy finish, it turned out a matt finish. I shook the can for about 2 minutes before use, paint had been stored indoors since purchasing 3 weeks ago. 


    I did a test spray on a empty black sprue, turned a horrible grey ish matt finish. Perhaps someone messing around with caps in the shop. 

    I'm reluctant to try it on the white shell of the car (also painted gloss white acrylic) and mess it up. 

  2. As some of you may know I am still at the beginner stage of scale model building, I've built the Revell 1/700 Titanic with perseverence I got it completed and was happy with the build and parts on the sprues were ok. 


    For the next kit I bought a Italeri 1/24 Ford Escort RS1800 MK2 to see how I would get on building a model car, I've found quite a few of the parts on the sprues were not very good mouldings/quality or having to file excess bits  plastic off a lot of parts to get a half decent finish, a propshaft that was a few mm's short, all in all I don't think Italeri was as good a kit as the Revell was. Maybe it's just me or I got a unlucky package, too late to take it back cos I'm 3/4 way through it.


    Do you guy's have any favourite brands of model kits that you stick with, any brands you dislike?


    Got a spray can of Humbrol Acrylic gloss varnish, sprayed it on the car wheels (painted gloss blue), colour now looks like a matt finish instead of gloss. Learn me to do a sample spray first next time. Not been a lucky car for me.

  3. My second build, Italeri 1:24 Ford Escort RS1800 MkII, Probably a lot easier building the real thing🤬.

    Dashboard a nightmare getting it positioned correctly I think the current position is wrong but it can stay like that🤔, it was interfering the placement of the car body shell, the exhaust pipe slightly on the short side, roll cage could have been better moulded, perhaps all in one instead of individual pieces. Attachments to the boot area (trunk for our American friends) which seems pointless to me as they will not be seen when car is completed, not as if the boot (trunk) lid can be opened.


    Just about ready to set the rear axle in position which looks a bit easier... I hope.


    There was a time when I almost smashed my fist down on top of it with frustration, I went and had a cuppa instead☕


    I shall persevere. <rant over>

  4. 10 hours ago, Tojo72 said:

    Give up ??? You just started,that's a fine job.Hand painting gloss paint isn't easy, you did a little rigging.It will come along each build will get better, as will your satisfaction and vomfort level.

    Tojo, I'll let you imto a secret, the whole ship was indeed hand painted in acrylic matt. I have two tins of acrylic spray varnish, one acrylic matt & one acrylic gloss (for next job), I picked up the gloss varnish and sprayed the ship with two coats. It wasn't until I came to put the cap back on the tin I noticed I had used gloss instead of matt. I'll put that down to a age thing. 😁🧐😱

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  5. 14 hours ago, Tim R-T-C said:

    Wow thats a helluva first build in two generations. Good work on the rigging especially.


    Decals are fiddly - I spent hours this afternoon fiddling with some and kept moving them by accident.

    Tim, for the rigging I bought superfine aero black rigging but I found it just too fine, it was like handling silk from a spiders web, I raided my fly fishing bag and had a reel of 6lb breaking strain fishing line, someone suggested that paint would adhere to it, it was a lot easier to handle.

  6. Eventually finished my first build, 1/700 Titanic, not perfect but Happy enough for my first foray into model building for 60+yrs. One or two mishaps along the way, some fiddly bits and a couple of things sent on a magical trip jumping out of the tweezers and sent on a journey to another dimension🤔 never to be found again.


    Decals were a bit of a nightmare, the gold coloured lines I decided to do without, they were a bit reluctant to come off the decals sheet, the one that did come off easy went everywhere except where it was meant to.

     The Titanic decal for the bow of the ship is so tiny as is the stern you can hardly see it but they are there. The main decal RMS Titanic for the base stand went on ok but idiot me when I went to move the finished ship somewhere safe my clumpy fingers touched the wet decal by accident and ruined the decal.🤬


    If anyone knows where I can get a new Decals sheet or even the RMS Titanic one for the base plate it would be much appreciated. I have been using Humbrol DecalFix for the decals, is this ok?

    Images below, feel free to critique, I'm, still learning and I have thick skin.




















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  7. I'm new to modelling currently building my first model ship but thinking of what to get next. I started thinking it would be nice to get some of the cars I used to drive way way back. Been looking for the likes of MK1 & MK3 Cortina's, Hillman Hunters Volvo hatchbacks , I can find the metal ones, but self build plastic models I can't find.


    Does anyone know if those plastic models are around anywhere? or perhaps they've never been around.



  8. Sounds straightfoward enough, thanks folks.


    I have a selection on fishing lines in my fishing bag, I don't suppose black paint would adhere to fishing line.


    Jamie, I've just ordered the black rigging line from your site

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  9. Anyone have tips on securing guy wires or (thread that came in the box) to titanic 1/700 funnels.
    I have drilled the holes on the deck as per instructions and can see by tying a knot after passing thread through the deck it will stop it from pulling through.

    Maybe it is me being thick but putting the thread through the drilled hole (not yet drilled) in the funnels its going to be a tad tricky tying a knot inside the funnel to keep the thread taut between funnel and deck.

    How do you guys get around this?

  10. 4 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

    It's your model, so of course you can do that! Looking at the image, they're remarkably consistent, but you could look more carefully and decide. Do whatever makes you happiest on this. I will offer this observation, it bothers you now, it will bother you more later.


    As for posting a picture, your link is to a web page. The link you need should end in an image filetype, such as ".jpg". I don't use imgur, but I assume you have some button thingy that will provide such a link. When you get a link like that, you can just paste it into the posting window, et voilà! 

    Thanks dnl42, sorry about the quick changes with the photo links, ImgUR seems a problem, just got a free account just now with Flickr, no problem now.



  11. This is really my first serious attempt at building 1/700 Titanic, I was wondering if I could ask you guys about painting the hull. All painting was handbrushed

    The Revell Titanic gift set came with all plastic parts white, I cleaned the parts in soapy water then primed it all with Aqua Base Primer.

    The black paint on the hull has left random dimples where port holes are showing through white where the paintbrush has missed. While I have some fine pointed handbrushes touching up these white portholes in black would be easy enough.

    Enter my missus, she commented they could look light little lights coming through a random set of portholes, my question to you guys should I leave the white dots or fill them in?

     I'm not keen on drilling them out to put led's inside, I don't think my experience has reached that stage yet. I know some will will suggest getting a spraygun kit but I don't want to spend too much at the moment in case I don't get right into modelling. I have posted my first paint job below.

    I'm not sure If I have posted image correctly, I entered url via the "Insert Image From URL" button but nothing happened.




  12. A lot of good answers from my 1st post, pro's & cons buying from china, by the time everyone has had their cut from taxes/charges it' can be pretty near what I'd pay from a UK shop. I think I'd rather buy in the UK, at least I know what I'll pay incl' vat.



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  13. I'm looking to purchase the HMS Penelope soon that my father-in-law served on 1940/42.


    Looking on some sites in UK it appears to cost in the region of 60 odd pounds, buying via Ebay mostly from China  at half price of models sold in the UK.

    I'd prefer to buy in the UK but the half price from China is tempting. 


    Does anyone use these suppliers from China often?


  14. A earlier post I said my first attempt on building my first model in 60yrs, I said it was titanic 1/700 when in fact I should have said 1/1200. That said it has taught me a couple of lessons before tackling the. 1/700 titanic. 


    1st lesson learned, not to torture myself by buying a 1/1200, fiddly. 


    2nd lesson learned, thin the paint down more. 


    3rd lesson learned, paint some or all of the small parts while still on the sprues. 


    4th lesson learned, perhaps leave glueing masts onto deck until almost finished and not when instructions tell you. A accident broke the one at the stern. 


    5th lesson learned, plan ahead a bit more. 


    Although I got the 1/1200 titanic completed I suppose it looks OK from a distance but close up I can see where I went wrong on a lot of bits.

    I've learned quite a bit from reading this forum and YouTube stuff so I'm now looking forward to starting the 1/700 kit (with a bit more care😁

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  15. I'm about to start a build of the titanic 1/700, before I go ahead with it I've been reading up on airbrushes, as some of you may know I am new to model building so please excuse my ignorance if this is a daft post.

    I can't use spray gun in the house, lack of space. I have a garden shed I could use for spraying but a enclosed space may not be healthiest option, apart from leaving shed door open. I suppose I could get a mask of some sort.
    Should I forget spraying and practice more on hand brushing?
    At the moment I'm mainly using acrylic paints.

  16. Not figured out how to post a picture yet, photo bucket leave a great big watermark over a photo nowadays unless you pay.


    Reading through some of the ships I notice the HMS Penelope is a popular build, my father in law served on this ship during WWII, he was a navy diver. I will be making this my next project for my wife. We have a painting my father in law made of the ship while in port at Malta of the HMS Penelope, were not sure what date it was created. He went on to become a clearance diver clearing wreck from harbours.


    This might give members a look at what it looked like pre 1944 when it was sunk.









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  17. My first build is of the  1/700 Titanic, going ok (I think), I'm now trying to paint a spot on each porthole window, colour-wise I i mixed three colours to try I give me a near incandescent light which I imagine would be on lower decks, turns out the colour is more orangey when painted.

    What colours would you normally use for the portholes?


    I have a 1/1200 titanic to build after the above one so any errors on the small one should teach me a lesson for when i build the bigger one later. I notice some folk talking of drilling the porthole, is this method only used when internal lighting is being installed?



  18. Just joined the forum and reading some of the posts it seems some of you guys have been modelling for a very long time, probably completed lots of  various models, ships/cars etc etc. 


    What I'm wondering is what do you do with all these completed models? 

    Fine if you have a dedicated room to build and store them, what about folk with smaller houses. 

  19. Hi all, thanks for adding me to the forum. Last time I assembled a plastic airfix model was 60 yrs ago when I was 10 yrs old. Discovered girls were more interesting so modelling days got left behind. 👭😉😉😁

    Was recently give a gift Revell RMS Titanic gift set, looking forward to trying to build them. I'm sure I'll have a couple of questions before I'm finished. 

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