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  1. Well that`s all folks! It`s been suggested I invest in the `Modern Airfield Background & Base` from Coastal Kits Display Bases for my Diorama. I`ll definitely look into it, but for now, I`m calling this project DONE!
  2. how did you find the build? Did you keep your sanity dealing with the horrible plastic & that awful seam around the fuel tank?
  3. hi sorry for delay. couldn`t remember my password & kept getting locked out of my account ha ha. your trucks are looking fantastic. After all this time, I`ve finished the truck so will place it with the other models & take some pics to post here.
  4. forgot to add these 2 handrails before painting. They refused to stick in place with poly & even with superglue (took several attempts, which spoilt the paint work so a respray is needed.) This plastic is HORRIBLE! That`s better. Time for gloss varnish. Decal time. Now to add the final parts. First the cab mirrors & lights. It`s now I discover one of the mirrors (pt17) is missing from the sprue!!! Have to try making one. Hobbycraft tool + spare sprue = Mirror. Then one part 16 breaks in half when I look at it for 2 seconds. After repa
  5. Hello All Sorry about the delay but my mum passed away Jan. 22nd, & obviously the build had to be put on hold a while. Anyhow, now on with the Skunkmodels R-11 refueler. First job is building the chassis. Then I`ll build the 3 main top parts - cab, power unit & fuel tank. Once they`re on, it`ll be a matter of decaling & adding small parts like the mirrors, etc. So.........................................I noticed the plastic is very horrible. Has a strange, orange peel look in some places. Glue & sanding turns the plastic a much lighter shade of green, plus
  6. thank you. next up is the refueller. pics soon of complete build
  7. Revell F-15E 1/48 Scale 494thFS (Panthers) 48FW Based at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk but here wearing nose art (Texas Ranger) as worn during undisclosed operations in Syria 2018.
  8. Decals. surprising amount of small fiddly stencils even for 1/48! Wasn`t happy about that film showing around the LN so gently drew around the edges of the letters with a fresh scalpel blade, then picked the film away with a toothpick. Much better! I added a few little extras like a helmet left on a seat, & a mission map tucked into the canopy. I drilled out a pilot head from the Hasegawa crew set, & made the map using paper & coloured pencils. And that`s pretty much that! Time for the long awaited final reveal pics!
  9. Undercarriage: Time to do the FOD covers now, as easier to insert while she`s on her back. The nav & targeting pods can go on too. Then it was varnishing all over & on to the decaling. Finally on her wheels & not a tail sitter!
  10. Hello all, Sorry for the long delay updating. Personal things going on behind the scenes etc etc. Anyway, a lot of progress since last time. The F-15 is FINISHED now. I have also finished the R-11 refueler too! I will simply continue the build updates here as before for anyone still following the progress.
  11. Engines: The accentuators were VERY fiddly. Take your time & be very careful with these as you only get 2 spares. All the engine/nozzle parts were sprayed with AK Extreme Metal steel, then given a light over spray with jet exhaust (a shade of black.) I added charcoal dust to the nozzles & fans then fitted the PE part onto the fan. Then the fan part was glued to the bottom of the engine tube. WOW what a difference that makes!!! Nozzles glued on next Then finally the rods. Gave the insides of the nozzles
  12. building up the FS36118 (in my case Vallejo AV71097). Although you can use Vallejo model air neat, I added a few drops of distilled water to thin it down to help spray the coats thinly. This helps the black shading along the panel lines to fade slower between coats & avoid fading too much or disappearing altogether. I left the nose blank because as radomes weather differently to the rest of the airframe (radar?) I wanted to paint it separately with a lighter shade of 36118 when the rest was done. Although it looked ok at this point, when it had ful
  13. Hello all! So, back again. I`ve been busy with several things going all at the same time & as I went from one thing to another, I forgot to take pics. SORRY. I made a start with pre-shading the Eagle, then began on the tool box, flight line trailer, starter & generator. Going from one thing to the other & dealing with problems (I`ll come to that later) it was easy to forget to take pics along the way. Anyhow, here`s more pics............ Pre-shading. 1st I painted the airbrake area white as per Revells call out. MISTAKE!!!! I`ve since discovered this area is pain
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