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  1. Hi Guys, I have still been plodding along and things go either very quickly or very slowly some of the pics show test fitting and the final 3 show the problems I have encountered this morning more as we get to them. The following 3 show how I have spent 3 weeks cleaning these up only to find they are too heavy More as and when and a happy new year to you all Stevieboy
  2. Been doing more bits since the weekend but its getting boring at the moment as we are just rubbing things down and getting rid of mold lines etc, the square mesh in the 1st piccie has to be folded at each end but there is no fold line so extra care was needed and it didn't help that my eyes started watering at the exact second I started to bend. More as and when Stevieboy
  3. Hi Guys, Not much to show this time as we are in the boring bit of rubbing down the mold lines and there are many of them so heres a few piccies. Still got tons to do so watch out for more later. Stevieboy
  4. Some more updates but wont get much done this weekend due to a model show and my mothers birthday More next week thanks for looking Stevieboy
  5. Hi Obi I,m going to check my 1/12 decal sheets that I have and I may have a stencil somewhere but after looking at the ""decals"" again in the light of day I have to say that they are even worse than I thought so they are definetly coming off, hopefully I'll get a bit more done tomorrow, sadly there are no stencils in the detail set. Have fun Steve
  6. Some updates quickly as I have around 3 hours of Robert Plant stuff to watch, the interior is 99% done I have sprayed the fuel pumps and done the wheels which are now Alcladed Chrome with Blue centres had a major issue yesterday though with the tyre decals supplied by Trumpeter they were the "rub over with a wet finger type" and are ++>p been mucking around with p/e today so heres where we are. More soon Stevieboy
  7. Well after a few mad days I have managed to get a bit more done the sparkly seats took me 6 hours over 2 days and became theraputic-lots of coffee and Rush turned up on the cd -maybe I was high. These last 2 shots show the different ways I was trying to hold the base plate and in the end although both worked well the Blue tak won the day Thanks for looking Stevieboy
  8. More progress this weekend and I have to say I am enjoying this but the detail set is now becoming a pain and as we go along I can see things that KA could have left out to make it cheaper,but still its all good fun? The painted seats Dash 90% done Thanks for looking Stevieboy
  9. Hi Madmonk, The paint is Halfords Ford signal Yellow over a grey primer I also spent around 15 mins using a hairdryer over the paint and its worked quite nicely for me, Stevieboy
  10. Hi Guys, here is an update of where we are although today was a rest day due to head & toothaches I am really pleased with things so far. Dash prior to being chopped about the following pics are all dash related Thanks for looking, Stevieboy
  11. More pics and an update, the air vents on the sides of the engine cover have been opened to make it more realistic-remember I'm doing the Yellow car so it isnt an option to just paint them black as I'll almost certainly mess them up. Body is primed and waiting for the Yellow although a gent in the States has pointed me to a couple of possible probs with the doors and the rear bodywork catch but we'll see. Thanks for looking Stevieboy
  12. Hi Guys, This is a problem area as KA do not say I think the whole thing is sticky backed and a review in an American mag gives the impression you cut each line out needless to say the seats are not high on the get done quick list, looking forward to the dashboard though we have to remove the air vent on top all the dials and switches and side vents and the dials are p/e with seperate needles More later Stevieboy
  13. Hopefully -and assuming I can figure a way to spray the body should be primered tomorrow Best Stevieboy
  14. Good day today so here are some pics, and thanks Rishi for the link.
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