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  1. Please do the wings! Pretty Please Awesome! I salut you sir!
  2. Excellent stuff! A really unusual take on a model ! I like it very much! Thanks for showing it. Sounds like it was a struggle to get the kit made! Well Done!
  3. Thanks Perdu! I salute your good friend Mac in equal measure too. Would have loved to have met him as you did! Regards Andy
  4. Thanks for the positive comments guys! Makes it all worth while for sure. I am most grateful for the appreciation. I've decamped to Suffolk for the weekend and was tempted to bring the model with me but .. SWMBOd would have commented in a acerbic way if I had lol.. time for some relaxation! I was almost tempted to buy another Tempest on Amazon this week also.. £34.70 ... could do a different 56 squadron a/c my uncle flew maybe US-O ? Lol.. but have held off on this. Thank the same kit was £54 under Hannarts! Grounding myself back to reality .... I really should do an
  5. I also want to acknowledge and thank all those BM members who have helped me with advice and info so far.. THANKS! Far too many to mention of course individually but .. gentlemen it's been emotional!
  6. Cracking on with this today.. Roundels in position and also the Squadron codes "US-X"on the starboard side and "X-US" on the port side. I'm sure this is correct for this aircraft NV728. I refer to the picture taken of it with US-H from the Eduard kit book. This b/w picture was taken in March 1945. I'm sure Eduard will not object to my reproducing the pic here. I feel so fortunate that there is an actual verified picture of the aircraft I'm depicting and ......it's my uncles aircraft! It doesn't get much better than that for a tribute build! I hope my
  7. Rose early today and have started putting on the decals! A mix of the ExtraDecal set for the Squadron code and reg number. The rest are the Revell OOB. ive NOT used any decal soft or set on those applied so far. Let's see how the Revell decals dry out first. They look good IMHO. Quite satisfying to see them go on and feel like the model is making good solid progress.. In this picture you can see the gloss sheen using the floor polish! I think it works! Looks like the black foot strip at the wing roots is settling in to th
  8. One sniff of that Imperial Leather ... launched me down memory lane like a cork out a bottle of prosecco! Lol Did a bit more work tonight! Hurrah! Master cannons glued in place a little bit of panel line applied..in selected areas applied the HG Laminate polymer gloss coating. I brushed this on full strength after I did a couple of test pieces.. inside the wheel wells and ... I'm impressed! Very thin coating and a nice even finish! Regards, Andy
  9. Here's some pics! Couldn't resist taking a pic of the Imperial Leather talc LOL. To those of a certain vintage this is nostalgic. There was a time when Imperial Leather was the height of luxury... Old Spice .. IL and Brut33 were the only products available to a young gentleman to woo and seduce a girl or lady! . The smell of it evokes both success and failure at the local Friday night Disco lol
  10. Thought I'd give a quick update. What a shocker I a man for keeping people in suspense! Almost finished the undercart .. will glue the stalks in place when I feel less hypo and tired ! Filled and painted the cannon ports. I did these black internally.. not sure if this is accurate but .. looks good. ive pulled out the Master cannon kit I got from Hannarts. Painted the cannons with Tamiya gunmetal.might do another coat. You won't really see them when in place that much but they will be there and they are the correct type for Uncle Peter's aircraft. Drilled
  11. Great build so far. Am watching carefully as I just got this kit for £47 on Amazon last week.might consider using the Tamiya lacquer aluminium for this... love the weathering approach ! glad you are feeling better too! Regards, Andy
  12. That's a lorra lorra flash! Think you might have to replace that prop.. I did make some replacement blades for an old Airfix B17 Bit O lace last year flattened out some spruce then a lot of sanding and bit of a gentle bending session. They looked fine from a distance. I did it as a skill test really. A lot of work and I enjoyed it but I should have just replaced them with spares!
  13. Thats a nice dark wash Steve! Not overly done looks nice! I hope mine turns out as good! Looking forward to your impending RFI for this one! Cheers Andy
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