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  1. Thank you. I’ve built quite a few aircraft so I have decent experience with painting and masking; it’s the heavier weathering on the lower hull and side skirts of tanks which I tend to struggle with on armour
  2. Thanks, I’d have to agree with your recommendation for the upper surfaces. How would you recommend making it more dirty? It has to be quite subtle as this scheme has never been used in war and so won’t ever have been left long enough uncleaned for too much grime to accumulate.
  3. Hi all, I’ve linked below pictures of my most recent armour completion, a 1/35 Rye Field Models Challenger 2 in Berlin brigade camouflage. I decided to keep weathering to a minimum as such a scheme has never been used in battle so could never get too dirty. Any critique would be welcome. I haven’t done many armour models so there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Thanks Luke
  4. thanks for the advice. Using CA Sounds like a good idea, I think it’ll be easier than buckles so I’ll have a smaller chance of messing it up. Thanks Luke
  5. This for the advice Rob, I think it’ll help a lot. I think it’s a brilliant idea to use Bob’s buckles but I’ll probably give it a miss for this model as it looks very fiddly and I expect I’ll end up either losing/ruining all the buckles or wrecking the masts with dodgy holes. I think I’ll buy all the other recommended products though. Your HMS Kent looks brilliant by the way. cheers Luke
  6. Hi all, This is my first ship model, a 1:350 scale HMS King George V. I've pretty much finished now but I'm not quite sure how to start the rigging. I've bought this infinity models lycra thread (linked at the bottom) but I'm not quite sure how to attach them Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers Luke https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/1-350-1-200-145ft-black-ship-rigging-medium-infini-model-ir-1101b?gclid=CjwKCAjw_sn8BRBrEiwAnUGJDjVAK61iW5KADrvvSen7vrTHArxa9Cec4ybUeSJOJppCC4Xnz_gP2hoCTMkQAvD_BwE) b
  7. thanks, I have since added black tops to the funnels
  8. Thanks Chris I’ll have a go at that at some point soon. thanks for the advise your KGV looks brilliant thanks Luke Rutter
  9. Ok thanks, I’ll certainly bear that in mind
  10. Thanks for the idea, I’ll have a go at it later. your KGV looks brilliant too. Thanks Luke Rutter
  11. Hi all I’m almost done with my first ship build, the Tamiya 1:350 HMS King George V. It’s been a brilliant build so far, but due to my relative inexperience In the World of ship modelling I’m not really sure how to go on from here in terms of weathering and finishing the model. Could anyone give me any tips as to how to continue from here? Cheers Luke Rutter
  12. I’m in! I’ll build the upcoming Airfix Vulcan at some point after Christmas
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