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  1. Hi thanks for the feedback regarding the color schemes etc . i was hoping to avoid white as mine always looks crap!!, face the fear and do it anyway cheers George
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks for the info, since starting the kit i have got my hands on a MK3 so now i know that the MK1 has Kiwi connections will build accordingly especially since the decals are in the kit, give me more practice which i need plenty of. By the way what does TSS mean ? regards George
  3. Hi Guys making progress slowly here are a few more pictures Rear turret Motors in progress In cowlings anchor etc in place Front turret Front windscreen
  4. hi thanks for the feed back, yes i intend to do the kit as 490 (NZ) Squadron aircraft especially as they were camo painted, not white like they were in NZ (do not like painting white), My brother Joined the rnzaf prior to the phase out in the '60's, will post a few more pics in due course, getting to grips with the turrets and engines George
  5. Ahh Woops get confused, got KRAFT syndrome...... cheers G
  6. Started on this kit, will finish to represent RNZAF Sunderland which were Mk3 Will add as build progresses
  7. Hi what a beaut model!! you clearly know what you are doing!! one day I will too produce that quality regards George
  8. Hi Guys 1/48 scale Italeri Kit of F-86 E "Sabre" Mk6 , I have decaled it to represent German Airforce, JG-71, 1st Staffeln, Oldenburg 1957, Kit Number 2636, I tend to buy a lot of my kits of Trade me 2nd hand, consequently they tend to be a bit older. currently working on a Revell Victor 1/72 scale, Got a thing for "V" Bombers 1/72 scale Mk 1 Sunderland and a 1/48 scale Supermarine Hunter. Very keen to do a Vulcan (Airfix new tool) as my father was at RNZAF Ohakea when the Vulcan pranged at the opening of Wellington Airport in the '59 and crash landed at Ohakea
  9. one of my covid lockdown projects Sabre 1 by George Peart, on Flickr
  10. Hi Dennis, thanks for the tip about thinning paint for airbrushing, looking s much better, just got to figure out how to post photo's now

    cheers George

  11. Thanks for the tips, I have a Terminator Hunter-killer robot to build and it just has to be in chrome!! regards George
  12. Wow!!! Very impressive, I have done the 1/48 Academy kit and foiled it, this blows mine into the weeds any tips on airbrushing Alclad? cheers G
  13. Hi Dennis thanks for the welcome I will post a couple of photo's of complete projects in due course, i really want to get my models looking sharp, at present i feel they look like the local preschool finger painting class has done them. I build OOB, have played with photo etch etc.... my eyes can not see, and i have short stubby fingers and I dislike CA immensley, lost a lot of skin to that stuff my other struggle is all the little sticky out bits on models i always seem to bust them off...... gotta feed the carpet monster cheers George
  14. Hi Names George aka Kerfkiller, used to be a Sawdoctor/ Saw Filer in a previous life now I am a Therapist!!! better hours, warmer work space and not so dangerous Have returned to modelling after many years of not doing it! I have been plugging away reading, watching you tube and making mistakes, so I am getting there. my area of interests is WW2, Cold War and recent conflicts with a particular interest in the RNZAF. When not modelling i fill my day with fishing, racing pigeons and walking my dog oh and work :(, still allows me to add to my stash.... so many models so
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