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  1. Astonishing! Again! Seriously, though, this is absolutely exquisite model making - eagerly anticipating the next instalment Cheers, Mark
  2. Very reasonable, I'd say! I just didn't want to frighten myself too much. Plus, I don't like having concrete evidence around..... Again, makes perfect sense to me! Although, while I enjoy travelling, I don't get to do it much, even in "normal times"! Cheers, Mark
  3. Absolutely! I've also got a stack of Spitfires, a gathering of Gladiators, a mound of Mustangs and a mass of Mohawks. Oh, and a small heap of Hiens. Plus all the other odds and sods Planning future builds is all part of the fun, and if you're a bit of a dilletante, as I am, buying a few extra kits "for one day" is fine - they're usually sellable if a change of mind takes place! Cheers, Mark
  4. I've got an Excel spreadsheet, too, for all my planned builds, with brief details of which squadron/aircraft/serial if known, and details of any aftermarket parts, decals if not kit and colour scheme, also any links/notes! I dare not tot up how much I'm spending.....
  5. Hi Andy, I've just caught up the last couple of pages, and can I just say that the Tempest is looking superb! I'm sure your Uncle would be quietly proud to see his aeroplane taking such great shape in model form. You're creating a wonderful, poignant and very personal tribute to one of those brave young men. I for one find it very hard to imagine what they were feeling and what they went through. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Kind regards, Mark
  6. Good point, Craig, I might have to give that some consideration..... the garage is no good as that's already got some of Jane's stuff in it and I never go up into the loft, so using that could lead to questions
  7. Phew! Thanks, Alistair! At what point does it become a cause for concern? Asking for a friend.....
  8. I know what you mean - she's very good at night-time attacks! Which reminds me of a family friend, Chris - he and my Dad worked together many, many years ago - who had a cat that rejoiced in the name of Three Star Puss. Three Star Puss had six toes on his paws, as I recall, which was ironic as Chris would tease Three (not in a nasty way) - Three would lie in wait for Chris to go to the bathroom in the dead of night before attacking and sinking all 24 claws plus teeth into Chris's ankles! Cheers, Mark
  9. So....in my stash are 2 x Arma Mk.I 2 x Arma Mk.IIb/c 3 x Arma Mk.IIb/c overtrees 1 x Airfix Mk.I plus two more on order I make that ten! On my workbench 1 x Arma Mk.I 1 x Arma Mk.IIc 2 x Airfix Mk.I (although I'm not sure if one might yet be relegated to the parts bin) Oh, and there's a very old Airfix Mk.IIc lurking around somewhere as well Fifteen in total? Is that grounds for concern?
  10. Thanks, Craig, we think she's a little cracker Hurricanes.....um.....excuse me while I just go and count them up! Cheers, Mark
  11. Sorry to hear that, Craig - hope you both feel better asap! But that doesn't sound too promising, does it? Two poorly ladies to look after - I'll have my work cut out, I think..... Jane's not a tea drinker, but I'll have to make sure there's cake and chocolate on hand! I couldn't resist posting just one more pic of Daisy in her onesie - I'll get back to things with wings (not feathered!) soon, honest! "Honestly, Dad, I mean, how COULD you?" http://
  12. And in the post today, there was this: http:// @Troy Smith put me on to this copy (via Abe Books UK), and while he has mentioned that there are a few inaccuracies to watch out for, I'm very pleased with what is a near fine copy Although I need to take Jane for her second Covid vaccination tomorrow lunchtime as she's being given the Pfizer version, I'm hoping to get some time at the work bench this weekend, and by way of a bit of prep work I'm periodically dobbing Mr DP on a second Airfix Mk.I wing..... Cheers, Mark
  13. Absolutely, Craig, the poor little girl had every reason to feel below par. I think the onesie doesn't help how she feels, although its protecting the op site really well she's all bundled up in it. Its the expression on her face, though, dejected and vengeful as I mentioned, but there's also a hint of, "I look ridiculous in this! YOU'VE made me look ridiculous!" I shouldn't chuckle, but its hard not to...... Mark
  14. Thanks, Craig - she's been spayed, bless her! The onesie is instead of a buster collar, aka The Cone Of Shame The vet got her into it, probably while she was still sedated, as I can't imagine she'd put it on willingly. I don't think she's greatly impressed by it: her expression varies between "dejected" and "vengeful"! Cheers, Mark
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