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  1. Hi, a mate of mine is building a wargames model Pansarbil M/39 for his Danish army. Any idea what colours it was?
  2. This annoyed me, but I think if the article said "WW2 Amphibious transport" it wouldnt be picked up on by "the General Public".
  3. thanks guys, {ve ordered a set from Atak
  4. So, I just got one of these and I note it doesn't have Zimmerit on...and most A's had Zimmerit. I really don't fancy making my own (I'm very lazy) so was wondering who makes a Decal set (or some other form of application) that will fit it. Or know of a decal sheet that coverfs a Zimmwerit - less A. Cheers
  5. Nice. Ive just finished the truck, nice kit but there are a LOT of mistakes in the instructions, some are fairlu obvious (such as the incorrect numbers of the side panels) but the different suspension parts (for different loads) are all wrong too, this is only mentioned in the video link.
  6. Ive just ordered the Tamiya 48th D-9, and its been nagging me that I read (or heard) that there is a kit out there which is based on a preserved 190, but the preserved plane had the wrong wings put on it while being restored. Is this correct, and if so is it the Tamiya kit? (and if so, is it a big problem?)
  7. Hi, just ordered the Aoshima kit to build a replica of my GFs old bike, but Im struggling to find a match for the burgundy/red colour - any suggestions#? I assume it was a standard paint scheme.
  8. Hi all, 50 yo living in S. Wales. Returned to modelling after a 15 year hiatus. Mainly WW1 and WW2 armour and aircraft.
  9. Lovely job, I'm building one myself at the moment. question, did you manage to fit the rubber hoses? I cant seem to get mine to fit properly, and looking at yours you either omitted them, or they are so hidden they are invisible anyway.
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