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  1. I'll look for this film, anyway I like very much how you painted the metal surfaces.
  2. very nice model ,pictures and skillfully built and weathered .
  3. Very nice build and paint job this aircraft looks like a folded paper origami
  4. very well painted both the figure and the tank. how do you paint the camo with faded edges? I always wondered how to do that
  5. great job on your tankette! I will keep as reference for my next project. your model is 7 years old but is still spot on
  6. Back in the eighties me and my brother built this f16 with the same paint scheme. I was 7 or 8 i think. It was a tamiya kit . Your build looks great
  7. Very nice indeed! I will take a look at this kit. I didn't even know this manufacturer before... Thanks for sharing
  8. You did a stunning work here. How did you make the snow? It looks so real
  9. That's an incredible build!! Congrats ! Are the figures 3d modelled?
  10. Great job! And those folded wings are always a winner choice when you start running out of space in the house
  11. I like this blast from the past! Never seen this model before, and your build is awesome. lovely smooth glossy finish.
  12. Impressive finish on your model! I like the open machine gun detail in particular
  13. It's a excellent finish for this model. I really like the subtle variation of blu tones and the weathering.
  14. Thank you all ! Glad you liked the chopper
  15. I have finished this model mostly for practice and OOB. the practice involving creating a simple base and painting the 1/72 figures. I quite enjoyed painting the figures, eventhough they look better from a certain distance . I need to pay more attention next time on the balsa frame ( it cuts like butter). and here's a close up
  16. I watched Tarkovskij " Andrei rublev" expecting a super boring film like Solaris and was surprised by its awesomeness. But not science fiction, historic film set in Russian middle age. But is always a matter of personal taste i guess
  17. I watched dune at the cinema theater in my town. I couldn't ask for a better movie to watch after the long lockdown! It was awesome! And yes i hope someone makes the flying machines models.
  18. Frank frasetta! Everything scratch built including the ships and figure? Wow! I especially like the second one
  19. update on the chopper: it's finished and already sitting in a small vietnam base! now i'm on the process of painting three figures (two from the italeri vietnam set, and one from a NATO pilots and crew set ) to pose near the chopper.
  20. Nose needs some retouching. Tail unglued two times during the painting process but no great damage was taken. I also spent about 20 minutes to find the side door canopy on my multicolored marble floor . Some silvering on the decals. Still need to improve my decal applying technique. Here's some pictures
  21. hi there , sharing some pictures ( well actually is just one picture) of this Bell UH-1c from an italeri Vietnam set in 1:72 now is masked and ready for priming. I had a bit of a challenge with some badly aligned parts.
  22. Oh wow! You did a great painting-weathering job. Well done .
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