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  1. Katfood

    Spitfire IIb

    I just picked one of these up for a bargain price on eBay and was wondering what it would take to backdate it to a IIb ? I have an unloved Revell IIa as a doner kit, as far as I can see I'd need to change the spinner and prop, oil filter and exhaust stacks, all of which should be easy ( famous last words ). Is there anything I've missed ?
  2. Airfix 1/48 Defiant NF1, I really enjoyed this build, like all the "new" Airfix I've built, everything fitted together well with very little filler required. As I was going to build it with the canopy open I splashed out on a set of Eduard seat belts and as the was a lot of clear stuff to be painted a set of Eduard masks as well. These fitted really well but tended to "leak" a little where two pieces overlapped, ultimately this was not a problem as 5 mins with a cocktail stick tidied everything up. As always painted with Vallejo air paints with just a little weathering to break up the overall black and to make things a little more "interesting"
  3. Dont have a spare at the moment but seeing as I plan to do a whole range of Spitfires from Mk1 to this one I'm sure a new/better prop will present itself eventually
  4. Trumpeter Spiteful in 1/48. I liked it, the cockpit was a bit strange, the seat looked more like 1/72 scale, but I replaced it with another from the spares box, as it is you cant see much through the canopy anyway. I pre shaded this but all evidence disappeared beneath the top coats, Im using Vallejo air paints with no thinners, should I be thinning down and if so what sort of ratio should I use ?
  5. There is a fairly good interior provided, seat, instrument panel, joystick and rudder pedals, the fuselage halves have basic sidewall detail as well, unfortunately you cant see much of it as the canopy is pretty thick. I was impressed with the kit over all, they do a fair range of subjects for not much cash, I fancy a go at their Me 262 next
  6. A cheap and cheerful kit but it looks like a Hurricane when finished. As usual Vallejo air paints and some aftermarket decals from Xtradecal
  7. So here is my first completed model, I started to build the 1/48 Revell/ICM Bf109f4 but nothing fitted, the supercharger interfered with the engine mounts, the whole front of the fuselage just didn't want to fit, added to that no locating pins anywhere made things somewhat difficult to say the least. After struggling for a week and not really achieving anything I decided to consign it to the box of parts and failures . At the same time eBay had an old Airfix 1/48 Bf109f4 that was missing some parts (cockpit) was available for a bargain price so to cut a long story short the Revell cockpit was put into the Airfix fuselage and “Bobs you're uncle”. It was painted with a cheap Chinese airbrush and Vallejo air paints, the Airfix decals were old and rubbish so I used the Revell ones. It may not be the newest, most accurate kit but it looks like a 109 and that's good enough for me. Edited 7/6/20 New and better pics
  8. Thanks for the kind words, once I've figured out photo hosting I'll post some pics of my completed stuff Gez
  9. Hello all, I've come back to modelling after a break of many years (too many ) I've decided that my focus will be on ww2 fighters in 1/48 scale. So far I've built 4 and scrapped one (Revell Bf109f, it just didn't fit together) I'm not sure if any are good enough to appear on the finished builds page but with a bit more practice you never know
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