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  1. Thanks Ray, That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear! Cheers, Craig
  2. Hi all, Bit of a ‘bone’ question here but hear me out.. I keep my Mr Surfacer pre-mixed in a doser bottle at a ratio of 1.5:1 and it works fine and I have the bonus of always having it at hand. What I’m wondering is, could I do the same with my clears? So, rather than mixing it every time I have to use it, like the primer, it’s there in the bottle ready to go? I’m not exactly new to the hobby but I’m new-ish to airbrushing and I’m just trying to have a more streamlined method. Cheers, VooDoo.
  3. Just awesome mate! Ref the blades.. the leading edge is stainless steel however there are light grey PU foil tapes that run along part of it so that might be the reason you’re seeing different colours. I’m actually heading up to G-SCAA tonight so I’ll grab some photos and email them to you. When the interior panels are being removed, the roof panel you showed in your pic is the first piece of trim to come out so I would say below. Any Q’s give me a shout VooDoo
  4. Looks amazing mate and absolutely spot on! Cutting the port doors out is actually a good shout as that’s where all of the loading/unloading is carried out from. There is absolutely a fairing that covers that side. Underneath it looks jack s**t like the kit offering either! That’s me off shift for four days but I’ll have a dig around my phone for photos and send it to you. Feel free to upload/distribute those photos I emailed you if anyone else needs them Cheers.
  5. Also, one of the rear seats has the normal fore/aft travel and the other sits on a swivel base so that the paramedic can turn to face/work on the patient. A square block of plasticard under the seat should give you the look required. I can’t, for the life of me right now, remember which one it is that actually swivels and I don’t want to give you duff gen so I’ll check tomorrow and get back to you..
  6. Hi Sam, Looking very good! The orange box is the Oxylog 2000. As for the fire extinguisher, the exposed side is usually aft facing. The “raised black floor” is actually the stretcher plinth which allows the stretcher to slide on rails for side or rearward loading/unloading. All of our 135 fleet have the low skids so yes, you are correct in thinking that they will need modified. I’m back in at work tomorrow so I can get the dimensions you need to adjust. Cheers, VooDoo.
  7. Hi Sam, It’s a GPS antenna that (I think!) has something to do with the HUMS kit. I’m not a greeny (nuts and bolts not amps and volts! ) though so I would have to ask avionics what it’s exact function is.. IP looks fantastic!
  8. Hope these are of use? As you can see, the friction brake adjuster isn’t as huge as the kit part! Cheers
  9. I’m getting some pictures tonight (called in a favour). They’re of G-SCAA but the role equipment is identical, the only difference is what kit the paramedics keep in the cab. Good luck! That’s my actual cab so, if you need anything let me know.
  10. That’s the fella! Two wires come from the front of it into the floor. As soon as I can get out I’ll get you a tonne of photos of the interior and the medical fit… you’ll have to let me know how to post them here though!
  11. Sorry, I’ve given you duff gen there.. OMAA’s seat IS blue, it's EMAA’s seat that’s grey
  12. Forgot to mention, there is also the worlds dullest torch mounted in spring retaining clips down beside the collective as well. Also, to the right of the pilots seat, there is a small orange rectangular box (the ELT).
  13. Hi Sam, Apologies but I haven’t been able to get any pics for you as of yet, youngest kids class got sent home because of the Covid so we’re isolating until the test comes through! Looking very good! The front floors (rubber mat) are a darker grey than the rear floor. Just a heads up though, there is a medical floor fitted in the rear cabin and the front l/h seat rails are extended on top of it until around the front frame of the sliding door window. Seats look spot on but the drivers seat isn’t the blue “leather” it’s a grey-ish fabric. I have a pic from a manual of the collective brake but, as I’m new here, I have no idea how to get it from my iPhone and posted in here! The monkeys levers look perfect (minus the cargo release lever ) Any questions, give me a shout Cheers, Craig
  14. Hi, Babcock spanner monkey here. I’ve done some work on that very cab! The left hand flying controls are removed for the air ambulance role (can’t actually think of any dual pilot 135 ambulances.. defo none in our fleet), blanks fitted, then a rubber/vinyl floor protector is fitted over the floor. The “parking brake” is actually the collective friction brake (massively over scale in the plastic btw..). The “lever” on the collective is the manual cargo release lever and is always there whether the cargo beam is fitted or not. If you need any pictures of the interior, give me a shout and I’ll try and get some for you. The interior is the standard Aerolite 135 fit so, even though I’m in Scotland, it’ll be the same as OMAA’s. Cheers!
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