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  1. Thanks for the kind comments, I used stencil for shapes, ak interactive if i recall correctly, and started with light camo colour, then pale blue and finally the dark trying to keep it random. A very fine misting of white between each layer just to bring out some contrast. Making it up as i went along really. According to a friend who is a pretty decent artist i should have started with the dark and worked to the lighter shades, so I suppose i lucked out a good bit. Must admit it was terrifying doing it, but i'm really happy with it, although i won't be rushing to try it again.
  2. my first ready for inspection thread, so be gentle! had to abandon this when i was almost finished due a bout of ill health, theres a build thread that i will post a link for, but it was never completed. happy with the results, although i think i'm too heavy handed on the weathering. also wanted to try masks for the decals, but made a muck of it just as my health was rapidly going down hill so binned that off. all comments welcome, http:// thanks ken
  3. ah, the mottling. used an AK mottling stencil and built up four layers, one each of the darker camo green, lighter camo green and blue with a light mist coat over each afterwards and then a final layer of the dark green and a final mist coat to try and blend it a little. not quite how i envisaged it and probably not one for the purists but i'm actually very happy with it. could be blended a bit better, to sharp edged, and some of the mottles are a little bigger than i would think they are meant to be, but as i said for a first effort i'm really pleased. have to say, very poor painting instructions from tamiya on this model. or maybe i'm just not reading them right, but i found them lacking. thanks for looking. ken
  4. It's what always attracks me to 109, the colour and shape of the nose just seem right together.
  5. all yellowed up and prepping for the mottling. not bad but a little touching up will be needed. thanks ken
  6. hi samin, i'm using these, should i be using mr colour levelling thinner instead? thanks ken
  7. well i managed to rub out most of the spoilt paint work and i am not getting on at all with the mr hobby paints decide to do the helmut wick colour scheme. not to disappointed with that choice as that was my original one, before aspirations and talent got confused. now the mixing for the yellow to tackle. thanks for looking ken
  8. Thanks, It's a very good kit, only one thing stops it being a great kit, the glass at the front for the camera needs sanding down a lot to get the nose and camera deck to fit. Ken
  9. laying this one to rest, had a few issues, mostly my fault but some was the kits. major problem though was that it took me too long, a trying time all round that led to some poor decisions and loss of focus at times. heavy handed with the weathering is being polite and varnishing needs a bit of work. i'd give the kit 8.5 out of 10 and although i'm happy with the build as i can see some progress from the last one i'd give myself 7 out of 10. thanks for looking, ken
  10. most of the main parts assembled now so i chose to go the after market markings. did the blue and some pre shading using tamiya paints. upper body colours are rlm75 and rlm74. i'm missing a colour for mixing rlm75 with tamiya but i have it in mr colour. never used these before and don't know what i did wrong but it came out pretty badly, was drying like cobwebs as well! watched a couple of youtube vids and i think i've not used the correct mix and/or been to far away when spraying. also does it need a surfacer? not totally sure how to continue, have rubbed a lot of the problem areas off and need t have a think about my next step. thanks for looking ken
  11. this is my second attempt at this model, the build of the last one being my first attempt at proper model making. the build was fine but the painting became a nightmare, alas it is now a paint mule. i haven't made up my mind on the colour scheme just yet, but i think it will be a the plane of lt wulf-dieter widowitz, as found here http://www.jagdgeschwader5und7.de/oblt-wulf-dieter-widowitz/ having got a masking set. not tried masks yet so should be interesting! i know some of the colours are probably not correct, but its good practice, and good fun. thanks ken
  12. after a lay off due to a family bereavement i'm closing in on the end of this. the last few weeks have been a struggle to get time so its not turned out as well as i had hoped. it also felt like there was more decals than parts, which was frustrating enough putting them, but to watch some of them come off during the weathering was well let me just say i was a little peeved. feel i've went a little heavy and uneven of the weathering, but its all part of the learning curve. thanks ken
  13. started the decals today. how does that old saying go, the right decals not necessarily in the right places. some are not quite on the mark. got most of the major ones on, lots of the little ones left though. thanks ken
  14. makes perfect sense, so much so i wonder why i didn't think of it. everyday is a school on BM, thanks pete. ken
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