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  1. Thanks, i'm happy with the paint, although there are two errors .
  2. i started this ages ago and even had a wip thread, but "technical difficulties" with my phone meant i lost a lot of pics and i abandoned that thread. finally finished it, tonight and thought i would post the end product. happy with the build, paint, less so with the details and weathering. all comments and advice welcome. thanks ken
  3. building work at home is holding me back, but i keep plodding along. stripes added, happy with those. star and bar added via a vinyl mask, not at all happy with them, will probably sand off and go with the decals. not that bad for a first attempt, but not happy with them. can't find a tutorial for masks, any suggestions? thanks for looking, all comments and suggestions welcome, ken
  4. first attempt at nmf and i have to say that i'm delighted with it. wasn't totally sure where the colours change on the underside because they are covered with the invasion stripes, so took a guess. probably wrong, but will be covered so not a big deal. thanks for looking ken
  5. excellent work there. i have this set so will follow with interest for any tips
  6. rather boring and over due update, been a bit breezy so can't open the window or ventilation for painting. mr surfacer 1500 black primer on, first time i've used this and happy with it. nmf next, keen to see how that goes. thanks for looking ken
  7. next update, build going along well, few issues with the fuselage going together and the wings the around the wheel bays, but got there in the end. waiting on some mr surfacer black to start the priming, thanks for looking. ken
  8. some light weathering, any thoughts? i always struggle where to stop, this doesn't seem enough but any more would be too much. what about the white on black, not convinced myself. thanks for looking, any comments welcome. ken
  9. MIGnificent, absolutely brilliant build there.
  10. my next modelling adventure, an eduard 1/48 scale p51-d mustang painted in the stardust livery. first time trying mr color paints and a metal finish. its all went pretty well soon far, not overly impressed with the decals though. thanks for looking, ken
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