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  1. fantastic result - love it. Subtle weathering is spot on and your groundwork looks super too. These Gecko kits look nice....
  2. Ahh, thanks chaps! High praise indeed from you lot.... I’ve just taken delivery of some fresh plastic card and tube, so a new scratch build is on the way. Hopefully it won’t push this one back onto the shelf of doom though.
  3. Slow progress on the Lee I’m afraid, but something has been achieved at least. I completed the main gun and added it to the hull upper. Everything got the usual grey acrylic chipping and black & burnt umber oil washes. I’ve just upgraded to W&N artist colours and they’re lovely – very fine pigmentation which really helps with very thin washes. I had been using Winton (W&N’s budget range) but these posh ones are noticeably better. I removed the gun barrel cleaning rods and added a couple of foil straps. I plan to use Miniart’s tank gun cleaning crew in a diorama.
  4. no need to apologise - model-making often progressess in fits and bursts - I know mine does!
  5. Using hairspray and Tamiya paints, I've found I can leave the chipping for quite a while - up to 24 hours. I've heard of people having problems with other brands of paint though...
  6. oh, 65mm - just seen it.... well, not bad then (joking - it's brilliant!)
  7. oh this is really useful stuff! Fantastic figue painting tips (I'm too scared as a figure newbie to venture onto the hallowed turf of planet figure). I love the "super Panther" too... looking forward to see how this develops.
  8. really nice job - this would easily pass for 1/35, so you've done great at the smaller scale. I'm a great fan of coffee stirrers too and get through loads of them!
  9. Thanks Steve, I started out with various intentions to re-invent the wheels, but ended up realising that actually sculpting "old-skool" was really the way to go for most of it. I remember when I was younger, and a synth player, trying for ages to create a convincing guitar sound until I finally twigged that it would be easier to just play a guitar - much the same here... live and learn (or live and not learn as the case might be)!
  10. Thanks Rob. Yes, it's a lovely kit - probably the best I've tried, though kits do force you up to a set detail level and I've suffered a fair bit of procrastination on this one trying to reach the expectations the kit demands. I'm now itching to get another scratchbuild underway; one where I can dictate the level of detail!
  11. This is really coming on James - great work!
  12. wonderful result on this one. A very unconventional big cat and beautifully finished.
  13. lovely job on the chipping and weathering. I particularly like the rust streaks - very nice.
  14. well it's true that not everything would be likely to be scratched up, but once the rest of the bodywork is in place, only a bit of it will be visible through the hatches.
  15. good call - it is fairly clean at the moment!
  16. It's a lovely kit - looking forward to what you do with it. Your T34 is a work of art.
  17. Thanks Vytautas - that's high praise coming from you - I'm very impressed with your work. No hairspray so far on this one - chipping is all sponge applied grey acrylics followed by oil washes.
  18. After a not so brief sojourn in the lands of hairy planes and scratchbuilt figures, I’m back on track with tanky stuff. I plucked this lovely miniart M3 Lee (interior) off the shelf off doom and blew the dust off it. It’s a simply superb kit – if anything too good – it’s caused me much procrastination as I try to figure out the best way to build it. For each sub-assembly I’ve had to constantly question; Paint first? Fit first? So a bank holiday weekend allowed me to catch up a bit. Here’s where the interior stands: The engine is a jewel – it’s a real shame to lock
  19. this is looking really nice - looking forward to the paint!
  20. I'm intruiged by your twine grass - looks very promising. I tried a while ago, using coloured fake-fur for this. I clipped bunches of green, yellow and brown and mixed them up. Whilst the individual colours were a bit garish, they mixed together nicely. The best bit is that small samples (100mm x 100mm) are available on-line for about 50p each and provide enough for years of long grass.
  21. This is looking really good so far - looking forward to more!
  22. Thanks for the tips James - I've noticed quite a few people mix and match products. When I use Greenstuff, I keep a dab of vaseline on my tool (ooh-err missus!) which seems to work well, and water for milliput. One of the nice things about Fimo (and I guess any polymer clay) is that it's really not sticky at all, so you don't have to worry about this, though everything needs to be able to go in the oven of course - no plastic basically.
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