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  1. Just found this and it's absolutely fantastic! Scratching fantasy stuff looks like so much fun, and you've made a wonderful model so far.
  2. Can’t disagree on the Stones assessment - tuuuune! that’s some very nice, tight airbrush work Steve; are you sure you need to mask? Looks very good to me as it is.
  3. Thanks MD, with the quality of what you’re turning out at the moment that really means a lot! I’ve finally rescued my big bottle of Tamiya glue (aka airbrush cleaner) so hopefully I’ll find time for a session to get cracking once more, it’s been so slow for me recently.
  4. Figures, diorama and tank all looking fabulous - brilliant work. I can’t wait to see this finished!
  5. Looking great! I was watching “invincible” on freesat the other night and it really gave me a taste for battered Russian armour -worth a watch. Yours is looking excellent, and well on the way.
  6. excellent canvas work - a simple approach, but completely convincing in my opinion. The figures are coming on nicely and the vehicle itself looks stunning. Looking forward to the diorama developing!
  7. This is all really helpful advice, thanks folks. I’m not having little surface bubble problems, rather large bubbles that leave the parts split in half. I’ve drilled holes in the ends of the mould to try to act as an air-escape route, but of course in the soft rubber, they just close up and don’t do anything. My syringes are on order, so hopefully they’ll improve matters.
  8. that's some lovely detailed modelling work on the tracks and bogies. I'll be interested to see what you use for your rivets - a few of us here on BM have adopted "nail caviar" or solder-balls - both available on ebay for peanuts. 0.8mm balls fitted into 0.7mm holes work pretty well for me to represent fairly large rivets.
  9. great looking vehicle and a smashing display base - great work John!
  10. …and dry-brushing. A bit out of fashion maybe, but still has its place as long as it’s not overdone (as is the case with any technique of course).
  11. your figures "....nothing to be proud of..." - I'd disagree - they're fantastic, as is the whole build. Beautiful work!
  12. Nice choice of tank for a bit of printing - making that dome turret any other way would be quite a challenge. If this turns out anything like your armoured cars, we’re in for a real treat!
  13. The first wheel has moved on – wheels keep turning! My attention turned to the outer wheel rim. I think these were added to help spread the load of the gun on soft, muddy ground and appear to have simply been bolted onto the spoke fixings of the inner wheel. As a result, there is a series of recessed bolt heads on the face of the extra wheel. I started these by marking them out with a pin based again on my dartboard template, and then drilled 1.0mm holes part way through the rim. My original idea was to drop in 0.9mm nail caviar balls to represent the recessed bolt heads, but drilling the holes a consistent depth just didn’t work and the balls either stood proud or sank out of sight. I tried poking in lengths of 0.8mm hex rod, with the intention of trimming them to the face of the wheel, but again, this wasn’t easy or effective. It was hard to centre the rods in the larger holes and they still wouldn’t be recessed. In the end, I drilled all the way through the rim with a 0.9mm drill and poked the hex rod in from the back, pushing them slightly into the recesses while the glue dried and trimmed the backs off once it had all set. I made up the hub faces using circles of 0.5mm card and again used the dartboard to mark out the rivet positions. A slice of tube for the centre and flanges using tiny triangles of 0.5mm card were glued in place together with 0.9mm nail caviar rivets. Finally it all got glued together and received a squirt of primer. I’m reasonably happy with this at last – just need to get the other one done and then they're ready for paint - it'll be the funky camo pattern that the rest of the gun is painted in.
  14. excellent model work, and exceptional photography!
  15. looks fantastic! I assume you had a base kit for the wheels and running gear etc.?
  16. Despite little time and even less mojo, I finally got a 2mm drill bit and grasped the wheel nettle. I drilled out the perimeter holes in the wheel rim, discovering in the process that 2mm wasn’t quite enough, so each one needed reaming out with a combination of scalpel and needle file to get the tubes to slide tightly through. The whole thing was placed into the jig using my dartboard template and I pushed each of the tubes onto the hub rods. A slosh of TET and everything was fixed in place. I cut off the protruding tubes and wrapped a thin strip of 0.2mm plastic card around the rim as the “tyre”. The face of the main wheel isn’t brilliant and could do with filling, but then the outer wheel extension mostly covers it all anyway, so no problem. It’s not perfect, and as the spokes are just round tubes, not particularly accurate, but it’ll do for me – at least it’s round and reasonably regular. Once my delivery of fresh 2mm(ish) tube arrives, I’ll finish off the second one, fix them all together and add the rest of the detail – hubs and perimeter rivets/bolts. As per the Colonel’s suggestion, I’ve also got a box of syringes and tips on order, so I did consider casting and copying this one wheel, but to be honest, it’s probably more work than completing the second as I’ve already done for the first; I have the rims and hub ready to go anyway. After that, it’ll be back to the rivets – hurrah!
  17. excellent advice Graham as ever - thanks for this. I've been using syringes to measure out my resin mixes, but have only the syringes and not the tips. I'll give that a go. Cheers!
  18. that's looking really neat - how did you overcome the missing wheel?
  19. cracking result - weathering is spot on. Will these two join each other on a base of some sort?
  20. really not too bad at all - this will all blend in nicely once the top coats are on. Nice work.
  21. the post above didn't seem to update....strange...
  22. We’ll miss you very much Bertie - your passion, enthusiasm, astonishing work rate, dedication (actually, scratch the last one!) and good humour have made you a cherished member of this loose-knit team of plastic misfits. Hobbies in my experience have a cyclical quality - I’ve dabbled in music-making, photography and all sorts of model-making fields over the years, and found myself returning to each at various stages in my life. Have fun playing with your wood(!) - I’ve seen some of your boat-building and can see the attraction; very fine work indeed. I hope we cross paths again at some point, and in the meantime, good luck and have fun!
  23. Welcome back! And at a great stage - looking forward to seeing what you do with the paint job.
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