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  1. When I saw an inbox of this kit somewhere, I was not impressed with the quality. but you achieved very nice results. What paint did you use on the "chromed" parts - especially the ladder and upper hatch?
  2. Hello Everyone A project I have finished about a year ago - Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight. Painted mainly with Alclad II.
  3. What issue did you have with the canopy exactly? Because if it was only paint, it should have been easy to remove with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) without damaging the plastic. Unless you used some very aggressive paint.
  4. The model looks great, but why such small pictures?
  5. Seems someone at Air Graphics read you mind https://www.facebook.com/airgraphicmodels/posts/next-release-due-mid-septemberac-207-s-70a-9-blackhawk-tail-modificationac-224-m/1995631717237354/
  6. I just checked your model here on BM and it turns out it is the one I have looked upon many times on the scalemates during my build It inspired me to make alterations to the tail but I gave up on the underwing containers
  7. Hello Everyone My first post here so I guess it's only appropriate if the subject is a British aircraft (at least to some extent ) The model is BAe/Raytheon U-125A, a Sword kit in 1:72 scale. The fit and detail level is typical of short-run kits, with some minor fit issues and not too sharp details. Still nothing that a bit of putty and sanding paper cannot fix. Painted with Gunze C and Tamiya enamels.
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