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  1. Just don't make the same mistake I did with the loadout - blue stripes mean training munitions
  2. I did some careful marbling over the main coat with light greys and browns and also airbrushed some heavily thinned dust colored oil enamel here and there to simulate sand, Also panel wash using both dark greys and sand colors. Nothing really elaborate and if I did this model again I would probably black base it instead and preshade/marble prior to laying main color. One other thing I didn't have at the time but would highly recommend now is using the Ushi "Trinity Splatter" stencils (or similar product) to simulate irregular paint wear on top of main color..
  3. With Hasegawa's F-15s, you never know what you'll get in the box. The base is a rather old kit from the 80', but "E" variants (not all of them though) have a few new sprues that bring more modern quality. Anyway, this has been quite tiresome build that felt more like chore towards the end, especially trying to marry it with extensive PE set and the resin. I bought it around ten years ago, when there were no good alternatives. Today, I'd go for G.W.H. or at least Academy release. Having said that, I still bought another Hasegawa F-15DJ (basically the same kit as "E") set for its aggressor paint scheme
  4. F-15E Strike Eagle from Hasegawa kit, enhanced with Eduard PE and resin seats and exhausts by Aires. Asymmetric loadout has been used during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  5. Chengdu J-20 5th generation prototype fighter. Tried recreating the paint and weathering basing on scarce photos available on the net.
  6. @Tarkas To be honest I buy models basing on their looks, rather than creating some kind of "theme" collections. If it looks "cool" to me, I buy it I still got "MiG-37" from the same era which I guess can supplement my F-19. I am thinking of a making it in old MiG-29 grey-green paint scheme.
  7. For silvering decals, you might try carefully airbrushing them over with Tamiya Extra Thin glue. But only if they were applied over acrylic varnish, like Tamiya x-22 or Gunze H101. Never tried this on Printscale decals though, so it advisable to use some test model first. I also have this kit in my stash, but in my case I am planning to use paint masks from Montex with a fancy snake painting along the hull. But just thinking of applying the mask on this corrugated surface makes me put this kit away. Indefinitely. Other than that the kit looks very nice with a subtly worn look.
  8. H @John R This marking comes with AModel 72341 kit. There is also 72337 presenting second(?) prototype. Decals are nice and thin but very delicate. As for the canopy, it was wider than the hull, so I glued it on, sanded down to align with the hull, then retraced the joint line. Only issue is that some of the residue got inside and fogged the windows, which I learned only after removing the masking tape from almost finished model
  9. CMC Leopard by AModel with some scratch built detail for undercarriage and cockpit. The quality is typical for this producer, biggest issue being the oversized canopy. Finished model is around 10cm/4in both in length and width.
  10. Grumman X-29 by Hasegawa, enhanced with RES-IM photoetched fret and some scratch built detail in the wheel bays. I first saw this aircraft in "F-29 Retaliator" game on 286 PC in the early nineties and was immediately captivated by its unique design. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out that the real thing was only an experimental plane and never carried any armaments
  11. That and the F-29 Retaliator by Ocean Software, although it was 286 PC in my case I actually did a model of Grumman X-29 few years ago, maybe I'll post it here as well.
  12. @SAT69 Fuel tanks needed some additional putty in the back section and wing flaps are a bit loose. Other than that I don't recall any particular issues.
  13. Chengdu J-10 -prototype of Chinese multi-role fighter that eventually entered PLAAF and PLAN service in early 2000's as 'Vigorous Dragon". Unfortunately the two-tone blue paint scheme was not carried over into production units and has been replaced by standard gray.
  14. @Bertie Psmith true, the exhaust marks came out too exaggerated, but since these were painted with acrylic paint on top of acrylic varnish, I couldn't really fix it without going into mundane restoration of the glossy surface.
  15. Same here - I first built this as a little kid in early nineties, but that model is long gone now Then few years ago I stumbled upon a mint-condition set on Polish equivalent of eBay, with a price of maybe 10 Euro? Also, only now have I noticed that the main landing gear comes from F/A-18
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