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  1. Hi. I have just seen your fantastic Airfix SRN4 Hovercraft model. I notice that you had plans to build a stretched version, just like I am about to do in Seaspeed livery. Did you ever get started with it? You mentioned that the craft got wider as well as longer, however, so far, I cannot find any evidence of external widening (I don't plan to show internal parts, so wider passenger cabin doesn't matter). If there was external widening, please enlighten me. I fear that any external widening will go way beyond my modelling skills.

    1. macgregor



      Sadly no I have the kits etc but have never got round to the conversion. In terms of the craft being wider, the cabin side walls were moved further out to make the cabin areas bigger  but the actual basic craft remained the same width. The skirt became bigger & wider by around a 1/3 if I remember correctly. If you check references I’m sure will see the difference. Hope this helps & good luck.


      Cheers Greg

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