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  1. Yeah I suppose. It's the same with them supplying stickers and decals so you can use what you're comfortable with dependent on your age/ability
  2. Bandai kits are in a class of their own, they're so well engineered. And the detail on them is amazing. My only gripe with Bandai is most of their Star Wars figures/characters are quite toy-figure looking when complete.....they have noticeable joins where they have gone for articulation over a just supplying a final pose so you see the joins in the elbows and knees etc. They're vehicles and spaceships are incredible though
  3. That looks fantastic, great work! I've just got the Bandai 'smaller than this version' at 1/72
  4. Welcome, from Northamptonshire
  5. Welcome welcome! My wife is a Paramedic so lots of my kit building gets done when she's working a night shift. I don't have 30 kits on the go.....probably about 8.....you're 30 makes me feel a little better!!! Ha ha
  6. Wow, that's really great. I think I remember seeing this if you've posted it before. Great work, it does make me want one.....maybe one day! Thanks
  7. I found one here in the UK, that was the point of my post. I found one in a small model shop about 100 miles from me by ringing around. Got it for RRP despite sellers wanting 3 or 4 times that on eBay. Years ago there was a TV advert for Yellow Pages directory with a kid ringing round model shops to find a signal box for a train set......and I felt the excitement he showed back in the 80's (whenever the advert was shown). Thanks though
  8. Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning! Ha ha
  9. That feeling when you find the kit you're after that isn't in stock anywhere (or so it seems) and at a sensible price too! Happy days!!! I have been scouring the tinterweb for a Bandai Slave 1 (Boba version). Many places are out of stock and have no idea what's coming when. Then there's RipoffBay which shows a few but at either extortionate prices (£120......erm no!) or from Japan and still quite pricey and could get hit with import charges (maybe). Amazing what a few phone calls to little model shops can do. I feel like the kid in the Yellow Pages advert
  10. Fletch0311

    Hi All

    Welcome! You won't regret moving to an airbrush.....one of the best purchases I've ever made. Enjoy
  11. That's awesome, and so small - yet great detail. Might have to look out for one of those
  12. I shouldn't be replying as I've not built mine yet but I have built the 1/144 scale version. Most of the Millennium Falcon is the same colour so it is easier to paint mostly built....or at least in large sections. Personally I wouldn't brush paint until there are finer details. And with all my builds I try and use as less of the decals as possible and any panels I airbrush on.....it's a pain with all the masking but you get a more realistic finish. Plus you can pre-shade, weather, chip effect and add damage much better than you can with a decal. The nice thing about the kit you hav
  13. Hi Chris Thanks for the response. I have been keeping my eyes peeled on eBsy and other places. It's a big beast but looks great. You're build is fantastic BTW . Makes me want one even more! Cheers man, take care
  14. Welcome! I build mainly movie sci-fi stuff but I've learned a lot from the aircraft builders on techniques and weathering which has improved my models no end.
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