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  1. Looks fantastic, paint finish is perfect & the chrome work is really clean. The wheels look really good for 1/32 scale too. Are they out of the box too?
  2. Great build. Those seats have come out really well, that must be really thin leather. Rest of the car looks perfect, I have a soft spot for the batmobile beemer
  3. Lovely job. Nice work on the interior, is that real wood on the dash?
  4. That’s a really nice build. The paint finish is like glass! I see hints of a well put together interior in there too, I might have to look for your WIP thread
  5. This looks so good! Especially considering the scale. I’ve done a couple of the Airfix 1/32 kits & know how tricky it is to get a good result. Love those wheels too
  6. You never see the kit anymore! Nicely put together, did you paint the body?
  7. Nicely detailed engine bay & the colour for the interior is spot on!
  8. That was a great exhibition, is it still there? I’d just bought my BMW Z8 kit & it was the only time I’ve ever the real car. It does make me wonder if there’s a Aston V8 kit at all. The Rolls looks like the roof has been cut off before the drivers area, if you have a PE saw & cut it cleanly, you could always glue the roof back on, if it doesn’t work
  9. Really nicely done! definitely a beast of a car! The white looks good, (which isn’t easy!) & really clean build
  10. Very nice! I’ve not seen one of these, I must have a look at Mobeus models. Paint works really well
  11. Such a perfect finished. Those coal bags look so real!
  12. Wow those are big exhaust pipes! Really mean looking Skyline!
  13. Thank you. I think the DeLorean was partly inspired by the original Countach Thank you. I really like the the 1k clear, it goes on quite thin, so I usually add one more coat than it needs & polish with micromesh, then finish with Meguars car polish
  14. Nice detail on such a small scale! Really like the idea of creating a hill climb car from this era, the double wheels at the back is a nice touch
  15. Perfect tribute. The Stirling Moss Mille Miglia story is almost a legend. You’ve built a fantastic model there & compares really well to the real thing
  16. Really nice build of a super beefy Porsche
  17. Looks great. Like @Chimpion said, the simple livery works really well.
  18. That is a beast of an engine! It’s almost a shame to hide it inside the car. I’ve always fancied the Testarossa kit, but too scared I’d mess up a £800 kit. You definitely have the skills, I look forward to seeing this come together
  19. Great work on those pulleys, now you’ve given the engine a face
  20. I thought the gold looked good before, but now it really shines! Nice outcome
  21. I couldn’t agree more! Better to sort any issues now than right at the end
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