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  1. Ah the 80’s... body looks good. I like the 2 tone look on these cars. I agree with the NSX wheels, they’ll look much better than the kit wheels. The kit wheels can’t be original for this car?
  2. I didn’t realise the Chevy SSR was a real car! Nice spot i saw one of these in a traffic jam while getting my daily exercise in a town near me
  3. Some are expensive, but you can get phot-etch wheels from a few places. Although @Reini78 has done a great job here
  4. Nice details. How are you print g your stickers?
  5. Really nice looking build. I thought the chrome looks good. I was wondering if the molatov came out as good when sprayed, as it’s quite thick out of the pen
  6. What a beast! Not sure how I missed this build. I dint even know you could get 1/4 scale kits! impressive build, I’d guess at 5hat scale any flaws would really show
  7. Such an impressive paint job! I’ve found myself in similar situations with my builds, but guilty of taking a more ‘that’ll do’ attitude and live with a few small defects
  8. Really smooth finish on those wheel arches. Glad you’re adding the engine, although this looks like you’re creating a mammoth task! What’s the interior like in the kit? Will you be able to create something ‘stock’ with what you have?
  9. Great looking paint job on a very unusual looking vehicle. Looking forward to seeing this come together
  10. Forgetting about ridiculous movies, this is a cool car. As is the way with a lot of American muscle cars, There’s a large surface area on the body. Flaws in the paint will really stand out. Whats up up with the roof? Is that primer left over after sanding?
  11. That’s a fantastic level of detail in there. For something in so parts, you’ve made it look easy to put together. The very Un-Rolls looking radiator had me reading up on the spirit of ecstasy on Wikipedia. My something new to learn for today!
  12. That is a big piece of glass to fit! I hope it stays in place when you take the weight off
  13. So much grey plastic in that interior! It really makes it a car of its time. All looks like it’s fitting together nicely. Did everything stay in place when the clamps were removed?
  14. I built the Revell kit about 7 years ago when I first got back in to modelling. Oddly, I found the suspension went together quite well, only issues were getting the windscreen frame to sit flush & the bonnet to close with that enormous engine in there. Like the idea of meddling the best bits from each kit
  15. Engine looks like it fitted together really well. So much going on in a small space! Nice clean lines on those lights. Always a tricky area, good tip using a wet cocktail stick
  16. Filing down 8 pin heads in a drill sounds dangerous! But the result is really good. They look fantastic
  17. Those little screws are a nice touch. The luggage is hugely impressive, makes me think about 3D printers... Then I think there’s a whole new talent I don’t have!
  18. Enjoying watching this come together. Love the colour! The ignition wires look very fiddly, I’m all thumbs when you have a bit length to play with, but at that length I’d guess they must be tricky to get in place
  19. Superb workmanship on the dash. Does the kit come with decals for the dials? noticed on your previous post how well the doors line up. That must make you smile
  20. Jaw dropping! How much of the overall shape was done by ‘eye’ and how much was precise measurements?
  21. HT leads are such a pain, but really adds to the realism of an engine. Nice detail, can’t wait to see more!
  22. Nice smooth paint job. Are you going to add the black bits to the front grill & wheels?
  23. That vinyl roof looks great and those seats must have taken hours! I’ve just caught up it’s this build & glad I did
  24. Nice smooth looking finish. Interesting colour choice. Interested to see how it looks with a clear coat
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