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  1. I do have a soft spot for Morgans (probably like most in here!). That one looks like a beauty
  2. Haha! The best way to sort out the seats after so much effort to get them looking right
  3. Nice to see how this goes. It’ll be a while before I start mine, but do both front and back bumpers need to be added after fixing the interior in place?
  4. The Hyundai? Or the band? (I saw them in the 90’s, still one of the best bands to see live) This is the kind of engine that needs to be on show. I’d love to see a comparison to the original
  5. Give it a good clean? Looks pretty good underneath
  6. Some really nice spots. Why is a 2 door Rolls so cool, when a 4 door just makes me think wedding car?
  7. Wow, that makes me jealous! I’ve always felt I’m better off seeing classic cars at the shows & let someone else take on the troubles of ownership. But to be able to drive the museum pieces definitely wins spot of the day!
  8. We stayed in Bath, so cant comment on the hostelries, but it was a beautiful village. I’m a bit jealous you live there. Much nicer than north London!
  9. Why yes it was! We’d been looking at stone circles all day & this was the highlight for me
  10. That’s interesting. The BMW Mica paint I used, the flakes were tiny compared to a Mercedes metallic I’d got from Halfords for a previous build. That’s about the only comparison I can make. My Lamborghini Oracio Metallic from Zero Paints also seemed to have scale appropriate flakes. this is is what Zero say on their website: It doesn’t say they scale down all their metal flakes, just the paints where the original has large flakes
  11. If you can get the paint code from Peugeot, then Zero paints will make it for you, airbrush ready. They use smaller flakes scaled for modelling & pre-thinned for an airbrush. I’ve always had good results & got them to make me a BMW Stratus Mica which was delivered before I’d finished preparing all my parts
  12. Visited a sleepy village that time forgot & saw one of these parked up outside A little cottage selling home made jams with an honesty box. I’ve never felt more English
  13. So sad to hear. I didn’t know him & I've only been on this forum for about a year, but in that time I’ve enjoyed his pocher thread and every post was encouraging, helpful and full of enthusiasm. RIP
  14. What a fantastically period colour! I’m sure I saw one of these before with a gold coach stripe instead of the chrome beading on the sides. Not sure if it was a factory option or a Halfords go faster special great work, I’ll be watching with interest
  15. To go from lumpy filler to totally smooth in an hour & a quarter is very impressive! it may be sacrilege to a purist, but I’m watching with interest
  16. Wow. First steps? I think that would be about 6 months hobbying for me Nice start. You can already see the level of detail in the kit
  17. Thanks you for clearing that up! I’ve never come across the stuff before. Grea5 results though. Looking forward t9 your next update
  18. Your attention to detail is “totally mad”! But the results are amazing. One small question: what is MMFA?
  19. I did build the Tamika version of the LP400 against all advice (apparently every other 1/24 kit is better than this one), but I was really happy with the results. The engine fills the bay so much, that Even with my minor detailing, it still looks good. Only downsides were the pop up lights were a bit fiddly and the wheels are smidge on the small side heres my WIP thread:
  20. Sometimes I enjoy strolling around the Lee Valley in south Hertfordshire & the best views are always in the car park A beautiful Sunbeam Alpine looking better than brand new. I’m sure those seats aren’t original!
  21. Wow, I really had to zoom in to see where the joins are on the decals. The Matt varnish really finishes them off nicely, very realistic!
  22. Very nice. I do have a soft spot for an XIS. Interested to see how this goes together
  23. So many things to love on this build! The carb linkages are amazing, i’ve Tried this in last & failed miserably . Such a beautifully detailed engine
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