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  1. Thanks Kitkent. Maybe that’s the link. As long as it’s going ahead, I’ll be at Goodwood for the revival too!
  2. Thanks Dennis. I hope I make it good enough to get your attention!
  3. That little 1/43 scale car makes the 1/24 look like a beast! I’ve not heard of Wave kits before either, it looks like a decent kit. Any engine detail?
  4. That paint looks well worth the effort. WhIte & yellow models can look a bit toy-like, but that’s come out really well
  5. Great build! The decals look perfect. Did They all go on without issue?
  6. Nice. I’ve not tried that, so I’ll be watching with interest. So far, I’ve used Velejo clear gloss, which didn’t give the best shine, Halfords clear which gives a good shine, but goes on really thick and Zero pre-thinned which is my favourite so far. I can’t use 2 pack clears as I paint in the house Good luck!
  7. I’ve not seen the Revell mini before, interested to see how this goes. The steel wheels do look period correct
  8. That looks like a perfectly smooth finish. What clear coat will you use?
  9. That level of detail is astonishing! Great use of wire insulation on the distributor cap, I may try that myself
  10. I had no idea an old air fix 1/32 kit could look so good! I built their TR4 kit a while ago & they’re not easy to get a decent level of detail with
  11. Great looking mini. I’ve done one of these Tamiya kits, they go together so well!
  12. Thank you! Who doesn’t love a mini? It was a great kit to build too.
  13. Hi. I’m new here & hope to be able to share, learn & enjoy the work of others here I loved building car kits As a child and got back into it as an adult a few years ago now & it’s completely different now I can afford paints & the right tools! here are a few kits I built recently: I'm currently working on a Lamborghini Countach 70’s style & will be adding it to the vehicles in progress section soon Thanks for having me!
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