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  1. It’s very impressive, I’d love to give it a go. But I think I would need to put quite a bit of time aside for it. I’ve tried home printing decals before, but it’s a lot of work & they tended to not be very defined
  2. That’s not bad for hand painted numbers ta5 small, but glad you’ve found the decals, it will look a million times better!
  3. Looks like the detail painting is going well. This must be the only car kit that doesn't include axles (on purpose!)
  4. Very interesting. I’ve never tried 3D printing, do you have your own CAD software? Are any of the other parts 3D printed?
  5. Thank you @Spiny i can see all the faults, but glad it comes across well. I’m almost tempted to try the Aoshima kit too, but not until I’ve worked down my stash of unbuilt kits first! Thanks Andy. It did go together quite well, I can’t imagine you could say the same about any real life Lamborghini
  6. Great build of one of the most bizarre F1 cars in history. Really glossy body work. Nice detail on the engine
  7. Thanks. As it only had the top part of an engine, I’m quite pleased with how it came out Thank you @Codger , I may not be able to match your level of detail, but I definitely feel welcome! Thanks I’m glad the sun came out at the right moment, it really makes the paint look better than it does on my shelf
  8. Now that's got to be the most comprehensive set of reference pics you can possibly get
  9. I have now completed my entry into the Orange Countach club. I started this quite a while ago, but having a bit more time on my hands at the moment, I've been able to finish what was quite a challenging kit Build post here, if your interested: Painted in Lamborghini original Arancio California from Zero paints, with Zero pre-thinned clear. Only extra, besides a bit of sratch build extra detail was after-market ignition leads I took a picture of the interior before putting it all together. Details I know will never been seen by anyone, but I know there there Thanks for looking. Comments & criticisms greatly appreciated Cheers, Paul
  10. Thanks for the kind comments. A nice bit of motivation to get this finished! Only the last few part to do now. Having done a bit of research, I've seen these with black mirrors and body coloured mirrors. I decided body colour looks better. There are no mirror pieces in the kit, so I filled it with clear & let it dry: Then using some CA glue, stuck on the painted parts, inserted the lights and added some Citadel Nuln Oil in the panel gaps to add a bit of depth And now finished. I'll post some pics in the ready for inspection section shortly Thanks for looking. All comments and criticisms very welcome Cheers, Paul
  11. A true gangsters car! All that wood work is really impressive Who'd rob a bank in a Rolls? Is that Han Solo's gun behind the drivers seat?
  12. Exhausts look good to me. I did a quick image search & there's more pictures of models that the actual car!
  13. Nice work on those lights, looks like quite an in depth rebuild of the engine bay there too!
  14. Interested to see how those seats come out. I'm a fan of Alclad II Chrome, but haven't tried any of their other metal finishes Great build by the way
  15. Great car & nice paint job with a well produced custom colour. Can't wait to see how this progresses. Looking at the other comments, I'm not the only one wishing for more classic car kits
  16. Thanks. I got my car polish from Halfords (also Meguars), which I use to polish my model cars after paint, so this should be a handy addition
  17. Nice work on those decals. Very clean lines. How long before you figured out it was the semi circle that was the wrong way round? I’ve had a few parts that don’t fit right & usually end up pulling all to bits to find out what I’ve done wrong, never thinking that the kit might be at fault!
  18. Great tip. I’m going to have find some of that spray detailer
  19. Arancio California is the only way to go! Thanks for the kind words
  20. I agree, the bumpers look better glued before painting, Will it cause an issue when mating the body to the chassis?
  21. That looked pretty good before. Even the queen looked to be admiring it . Interested to see what you do with it
  22. Really nice finish, the subtle weathering is great. I know there lost of details to Admire, but the leather on the interior looks very realistic Great addition to your impressive speed collection too!
  23. Oh no! After getting such a shine! Hope you can repair without having to re-spray the whole thing
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