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  1. Roozje

    DFW CV Poland

    NICE! Thank you very very much! Light green - pea will be a beauty next to all camouflage green etc. I will digg in the forum . Thanks again.
  2. Roozje

    DFW CV Poland

    Know them. but thanks
  3. Roozje

    DFW CV Poland

    Thanks! I am still in a research time for the DFW, so no, no decals. Think I have to print them myself. Or do you know a good place where to get 1/32 Polish decals.
  4. Roozje

    DFW CV Poland

    Dear KayFranz, Thank you for your thorough answer. Could you take a look at link http://www.samolotypolskie.pl/samoloty/835/126/DFW-C-V ? Below in the gallery there is an image of a DFW. Could it be this color scheme? Thanx in advance
  5. Roozje

    DFW CV Poland

    For my WnW DFW C.V. I researching a color scheme. Does anybody have more information about the plane below? Thank you in advance roger
  6. Hello, I am building a Polish Albatros DIII from the 1920 period. And now I need to print some decals. I am designing the decals in Photoshop. Does anybody know the exact color code for the Polish Air Force checkerboard insignia? Thank you in advance. Roger
  7. Hello, I am working on a Roden Albatros D III 1/32 scale. Unfortunately the upper wing came a little too much bended out of the box. Does anyone know how to get the wing straight again? Thanx in advance Roger
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