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  1. What a amazing build! It just looks brillant what you made
  2. I did completely forget to put this one up. It has been finished for a few weeks, if not a month I'm pleased with the result, but I'm however there are som issues here and there. But I think it suits my Iranian airfleet
  3. Time just flies I've painted the beast, and given it a clear cloak. However, just as much as I enjoy AK real colours, I dont like their gloss varnish. It hardens incredibly fast, but it's just not smooth enough. Maybe I'm doing something wrong I'm have been in the long proces of putting on decals, and the aftermarket stencils, there is just so many. Both sides, and top is now done - pylons, fueltanks and belly to be done. I think it will turn out good after all
  4. Yes I've read that somewhere as well
  5. Got the rest of the kit put together and made some preshading with black paint. AND - my decals arrived today A bit yellow'ish - hopefully it wont be to bad.
  6. It is OK I guess. some things are quite good and decent, others are not. But for a 1/72 scale model, I think it looks good. The fuselage, engines and wing had very good fit, needing nearly no filler. til vertikal stabilizer however... But considering the price of the kit it is fine My biggest concern ATM is the poorly detailed wheelwells.
  7. Still going strong This kit does not have great fit, and the instructions are not good either. But slowly it comes together. There's going to be used some mr. surfacer soon to cover to gaps over the exhaust, and the rings in front of the intakes.
  8. Yes, that was a bit annoying.. But I have ordered the Linder hill now, så hopefully they will arrive soon - the build continues
  9. Thank you, but it turns out that it might be a bit problematic one. Apparrantly it did never exist in that scheme, it is a fault. So now I have a problem, since I don't have the spares to make "a real one". I've seen Linden hill makes a set, where "Black 54" is a part of it. Maybe I'll have to buy that then.
  10. The assembling of the cockpit has begun. It is very sparse, few raised detail on the sides of the tub and something on the sides of the fuselage. To be able to install the seat, I removed the original seat rest on the button, and made a new, slightly lower, I did also remove the consol in which the controllever would sit, because otherwise the seat would'nt fit. Then I had to fit the "top" on the instrumentpanel, and I just can't see how Zvezda have intended one to do it. My solution was to make it hallow, so it would fit over the IP. So far, this kit look like its gonna be a challenging one The 'pit' with my homemade seatraiser The Pavla resin seat - look good to me The "top" hallowed out
  11. The Su 25 have always caught my eye, and I can't really explain why. Maybe I just think it looks brutal, specially when full loaded. I'm planning to make this kit as a Iranian Su-25, well-armed with rocket pods. The decals and instructions says it's overside is painted in FS20400 (sand from asia minor) and FS 20117 (a red/brown colour I dont know?) and the underside is painted in FS35414 (a blue'ish green). I think this is the Iraqi colours, but dont really know, so if someone know, please let me know I was planning on doing it in "full" Asia minor minor scheme (Sand,brown,green and grey), maybe I'm still going with that plan, because I supposed I can used the same decals, since the ID number for the aircraft does'nt change if the plane gets a new colour coat? Anyways, the kit does look fine, not much flash, the panellines is a bit crude to my eyes, but not the worst I've come across Looking forward to see how it comes together - lets get started The kit: The aftermarket parts (Rocket pods, mask, seat, stencils and pitottube): The sprues: The decals:
  12. So thing suddenly went fast, and the model is now finished The kit was just sublime, so many fine details, very good, crips panellines. Cant really put my fingers on anything. I however have to find myself a new clear coat, then one I'm working with at the moment is'nt working for me, always small issues, but this time it just wasnt coming together as I wanted it. As a result there is some weathering under both "71" marks, which didnt become really obvious until the matt coat Anyways, I think it look good enough to place on my shelf Here are some pictures of the completed model:
  13. yes. most of them are on now, got some hours of work on it done today
  14. Paintwork finished. Small spots to fix, but overall I'm pleased! The modelmaster green is VERY matt, and the AK grey is slightly gloss, looks a bit wierd at the moment I think But it will proberly not be something to notice later Paint used is: Model master FS34087 olivedrab AK real colours FS 36118 medium gunship grey AK real colours white and black for stribes AK real colour Zinc chromate yellow for wheelwells and doors
  15. A little update! Everything is now build (not assemble, but cut from sprue, and ready for paint ) The set have been a complete joy to build, no filler have been used at all. Compared to my latest build (a KP su 22) this was very good for my modelbuilding mojo The plane - with a lumb of "gum" to protect the painted engine The loose parts The build as it was last night White has been applied for stripes, then masked off, ready for black. The painting guide says the stripes have to be 2,8 mm - I didnt have tape at that dimension offcourse, so it was a bit tedious making it, but think it will be good
  16. I'll have to build that one day! This kit is very very good. Maybe one with invasion bands would look great
  17. Got a bit more done today. Painted the engine and til inside of the engine cowling, following the tamiya instructions, so hopefully they are correct So far this kit must be one of the best kit, at least in 1/72 scale, I've ever come across. Everything fits so well, and there is no flash, nearly no sink marks and the detailing is good for 1/72 i think. Next step is to drill out the holes for the bombs under the wings
  18. The cockpit is nearly done I could have sworn I had a bronzegreen for the cockpit, but could'nt find one, so I took my chance and mixed it from other paints. Think it went allright, a bit to the green side perhaps.
  19. Yes. The Iranian one with a green nose is next As soon as my resin part arrives, I will begin til build
  20. Hello all. I've been looking at this GB since it started, but havent had the time to join, before now! First of all, I hope it's okay to join with a P47d. It will be armed with some bombs or maybe rockets If not, I'll remove this post, and make something else The kit is from tamiya, and it does look very good at first sight It will be build as the free french air force as it was in 1945, using some of the decals from the huge armycast decal set. The later plan, is to make more than this one The plan was to make two P47D, one with this Tamiya kit, and one with revell P47M - but as far as I can read, there are some differences, the cockpit floor, the propeller, and something about the engine. Being afraid of making a hassle of things, the revell kit will be stored for now. However, I find it wierd that most of the aircraft shown in the armycast decal instructions, which is P47D, have a dorsal fin in front of their tale, and that this is not included in the tamiya kit. But I have just ordered 2 resin aftermarket parts for the next tamiya kit But, luckily, the Free french plane here, did'nt have that fin, so I should be able to build i straight OOB Lets get started The packet The sprues: The aircraft I'm trying to make The decals for all 19 aircrafts
  21. Got it primed, and saw many many flaws. There where quite large cracks and gaps needing filler. So I gave it som more mr surfacer, and wiped it of with thinner, and most of the primer came of as well So after quite a lot of sanding to make sure everything was smooth, I primed it again, and postshaded it with some black. Next up, the sand colour
  22. For sure. It's quite simple, fill the gap with Mr. Surfacer 500, normally I use a old brush or a toothpick, leave it to dry for about a hour (if longer, it will become more difficult to remove). Then I apply some Mr Color Thinner to a cottonswap, and starts to wipe over it, and after some time, it becomes softer and sticks to the cottonswap, except for what's left in the gap. Hope that it can help you
  23. I just discovered that it would be a "tail-sitter". Luckily I havent put on any paint yet I managed to take the nose of it with out damaging anything, fill it with lead, then glue it on again. Onve the glued is set, it go over it again with som mr. surfacer Disaster avoided
  24. I've used thinner, specially on this one, with it's raised panellines, I'm trying to avoid sanding as much as possible
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