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  1. Thanks, Werdna I intend to do some practise and testing, but appreciate the steer based on your research. In my test picture, you can see I get the best results at 20 psi, but as you say, that's contrary to the advice many give.
  2. Beautiful. Particularly admire the paint job.
  3. Bit of a thread revival, but I am curious to know whether the splatter I get is normal (there's a joke in there, somewhere!) Seems like I get it whatever I do, but that it is most noticeable at scale - i.e. when I try to accomplish a Luftwaffe mottle effect, which I tried for the first time a week or so back with pleasing results (if you don't look too closely) I ran some tests, and here are the results. Can anyone comment whether they think this splatter is within the normal range of variation? https://photos.app.goo.gl/CCrCVjuksgPyxX1H7 Top row
  4. Such an incredible build. I wanted to do the exact same aircraft, and in my mind’s eye it looked like this! The reality would be much different! Would love to know what after market bits you used, and which paints... I have about an hour of 4477th TES video that I will be releasing later in the summer. Check out my YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRC6h8Vk4d2a9hHDrS1hMA/ Would love to see you do one of the air-to-ground Floggers. Cheers Steve
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