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  1. Wonderful stuff...........! Cheers, ggc
  2. Great stories of modelling mishaps...about two months ago I was attemting to twist the cap off an old bottle od Floquil Railroad color, and suceeded in twisting the bottle[glass] in half with most of the paint getting on me...could have been worse and gotten on the model bench... Also, I have numerous scars on both hands, fingers due to inopportune slipping of the # 11 blade... Just the dues you pay........ Regards, ggc PS..the story of the super glue up the nostril is too cool.....
  3. I like it...!!! A nice bit of wiffery there....... Regards, ggc
  4. I too have this kit in the stash..I also picked up some aftermarket P/E and resin for an eventual build...I think I read some where that the kit supplied main wheels were a bit undersized and that the top gun turret was a bit oversized..It certainly will be a big beast when finished... Regards, ggc PS: IMO no fatal flaws
  5. WOW, quite a lot to consider the next time I build a soviet a/c of the Great Patriotic War...!! Cheers, ggc
  6. Some great looking B-17's in this thread........ Cheers, ggc
  7. Interesting discussion, I've often marvelled at the results of the build-it first then paint it crowd. I tend to paint as the vehicle is built then weather it last....the goal in either case is to try for that prototype look.... Cheers, ggc
  8. " Personally, I like to have a few pictures (if possible) of the aircraft I'm building, and try to make my finish as close as possible to that picture, which 99 times out of a hundred will show absolutely no panel lines or rivet detail. There may be some chipped and patchy paint and a few oil and hydraulic stains, but I'm yet to see an aircraft when viewed from more than 10ft away that shows every single panel line and rivet. " I agree with the above observation/comment...also, the smaller the scale the less rivet/panel detail should be visible...so [iMO] a balanced approach w/o OCD detailing works for me....... Cheers, ggc
  9. "Cool Cat".................!!
  10. Cool B/A....I bet the kit 's a winner also...!! Regards, ggc
  11. Very nice detailing, great looking build..!! Regards, ggc
  12. Very nice discussion...some good ideas/techniques..........
  13. An occasional build of one of these old "stagers" is good therapy [iMO]... Cheers, ggc
  14. Lots of interesting kits comming our way..!! Wonderful stuff... Cheers, ggc
  15. Your corrected build looks very good......!! Cheers, ggc
  16. So where do I get a scale elephant...?? Cheers, ggc
  17. Thanks Joseph for the information on DuPont Duxone ....... Cheers, ggc
  18. Nice choice of subject, the new Airfix P-40 looks like a winner. BTW, what's the DuPont Duxone for..??? Cheers, ggc
  19. Looking good, a vintage kit for sure...as for the masking, perhaps smaller blobs of putty..?? Regards, ggc
  20. Great information...now to build one..... Cheers, ggc
  21. I'm a late comer to this thread...absolutely OUTSTANDING..!! Certainly inspirational for any modler who has attempted to add scratch built details to a model... Wonderful stuff, this 1/32 B-29...!!! Regards, ggc
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