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  1. Sorry Andrew but I thought being in the modern section would be correct but I have modified the original post to clarify that I'm look at the modern tear drop hull Upholder class. I thought that kit bashing would be the case. Hopefully someone would have any thoughts as to what injection sub kits available would be good candidates to kit bash.
  2. Are there any injection plastic model kits of the modern Upholder class submarines? If not which class subs can be used to kit bash one? TIA.
  3. You must be referring to Maya (Catherine Schell). In the Beta Cloud episode she couldn't change into a Cloud creature because it was a robot; this creature was played by David Prowse before he became famous for Darth Vader. However in later episodes she was able to take the Cloud creature form. Another thing I saw in the bonus featurette was a tv commercial for Lyons Maid ice lolly with Space 1999 trading cards. I never seen it before but I found it very 70's trippy.
  4. Following my viewing of Gerry anderson's UFO and Thunderbirds it was only fitting to see Space 1999. I haven't watched this since I was a small child. It was really nice to see it again and to now fully appreciate the story of each episode - was too young to understand it the first time. The scenes of the Eagles reminded me of how I was so facinated by it's design when I was a wee lad. I still remembered how I was about to buy the 12 inch Eagle transporter model but only to be dissuaded by my brother, my model building assistant, on the basis that it was just a shell with no interior cockpit. The Dinky diecast was a bit too expensive and just out of the range of my meager avaliable savings - Dad would make sure most of my money went into the bank. Rewatching the series was really fun. Seeing the so 70's equipment, furniture, wardrobe and shoes. Good thing I watched the boxset because the bonus features gave light to many questions like the signifance of the colour of the sleeves and finding out that everytime the Eagle makes a vertical takeoff the gas shooting out the the nozzles was freon. I found this very ironic because the show had a seriousness about stopping / reducing pollution in our environment. Brian Johnson even made light of this irony in his bonus featurette. The bonus segments were very informative on the production of the series and the commentary of Christopher Penfold and Johnny Byrne in the Dragon's Domain episode was very informative even the part of how Johnny fancied a certain female Alphan that even surprised Chris. The commentary of Sylvia Anderson in the Testament of Arkadia episode was also informative in giving light to how the main leads were selected and how she wanted to play the commander and to why that actor was dropped. The short fan flim "Message from Moonbase Alpha" is nice but I wished that they could have also included "The Return of Victor Bergman" .
  5. As you may recall I previously mentioned finally seeing all 26 episodes of UFO ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234994435-finally-watched-all-26-episodes-of-ufo/ ). This Gerry Anderson series made me want to watch his other series Thunderbirds which I have also never seen before. So once more I rented the complete series (seasons) 1 and 2 - enjoyed the bonus featurettes that were done during the series. After watching the tv series, I rented the 1966 Thunderbirds Are Go and enojyed the bonus featurettes and commentaries with Sylvia Anderson and David Lane. Details about how the special effectswas done during the period is very interesting given that now it's mostly done with computer grapics these days. I wasn't able to rent the 1968 Thunderbird 6 nor the 2004 Thunderbirds but watched both online. I can now understand why Gerry Anderson wasn't impressed with the 2004 movie but it seemed like a good one to get the newer generation interested in the Thunderbirds. If anyone has these two on dvd or blueray, can you tell me what bonus featurettes are on them. TIA.
  6. Thanks, Paul. I haven't seen the blue van restored but I heard about Edd China working on a replica of Commander Ed Straker's gold car - thought it was a restoration. I wonder what happened to the pale Lavender coloured car sometimes driven by Col. Paul Foster.
  7. The last episode, #26 The Long Sleep, seems to be the best for it as it looks trippy when watched sober. The box set is what I watched and the commentaries with Alan Perry & Michael Billington and Wanda Ventham & Sylvia Anderson are great with the back and forth conversations. Gerry Anderson's take on Gabrielle Drake was interesting as was Ed Bishop on his personal phobia he shares with Dolores Mantez while filming the Sub Smash episode. I thoroughly enjoyed UFO as much as Space 1999. Some of the filming techniques were innovative and cutting edge which we now take for granted; filming a tv screen without flutter caused by the refresh rate was a first but now commonplace thanks to Gerry Anderson and his team. It's a pity that Anderson didn't or wasn't able to continue producing more live-action sci-fi tv series.
  8. I have to admit that I've never seen the series but was always interested in the UFO shows. So I rented a dvd set and binged watched all 26 episodes. It was great to see the precursor to Space 1999. I found the storylines got better as the series progressed. The commentary from Ed Bishop, Michael Billington, Wanda Ventham, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson gave many insights to the production of the series that I found both amusing and informative. I always had the question about the practicality of the Moonbase operators having to wear the purple wigs - looks futuristic for 1980 but that's all it is. Nice to see those Shado prop cars getting the restoration treatment. Interesting to see all those Bandai and Imai UFO Shado kits that were produced (with those rubber wheels and friction motors). I was wondering if these kits will ever be reissued like the Imai Space 1999 Eagle. Of course, modified tooling with those friction motors removed just like the Eagle. Now, I've got see all the episodes of Space 1999. Boy it's been years since I've seen that show. Also, got to see Doppelganger: Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.
  9. You think MPC (Round 2) will scale it down for a proper 1/72 scale Eagle. The old tooled one is so horrible as with the Imai 1/110 one too.
  10. aerofan

    Zoukei-Mura Ho 229

    The Horten Ho 229 A1 V2 did fly. But I assume that you mean a production in service aircraft. Cheers.
  11. Nice to see it in that proposal scheme. I read in a book that before the USAF rejected it, the Soviet's copied up that scheme of blue and kept.
  12. aerofan

    Zoukei-Mura Ho 229

    That Ho 229 looks incredibly detailed. I have to agree with Nobby57 that it's best left unskinned to show off all the interior structure. I too wish I was rich enough to buy their kits.
  13. aerofan

    1/72 F-4K

    Giorgio N, yeah I think that was near the end of the mold life time when they released the 4 F-4E Thunderbird and 4 F-4J Blue Angels sets. They really milked that mold for all they can get out it. Panoz, yep they did slightly modify the tooling of that one tree for the exhaust; one for the F-4K and then again for the F-4E / F-4J. Hasegawa/Frog/Novo was even more clever in that the exhaust was just on a tree by itself separate from the rest of the parts. The Jolly Rogers F-4B was a US release but I think RoG released the F-4E as a F-4F. I remembered how excited I was when I was a wee lad getting a Matchbox F-4K/M and seeing that it was a Spey powered Phantom. Of course that was well before the Fujimi ones. That Matchbox kit has since been gone but not missed at all.
  14. Thanks. I'm rebuilding my old one and since I have a set of FAA decals, I thought why not a RN Buccaneer.
  15. Maybe this was already asked but I can't seem to find it. So I'll ask. What do you have to do to make the 1/72 scale Airfix RAF Buccaneer into a RN one (not the Mk.1 with smaller intakes)? Did the FAA ever use the bulged fuel tank in the weapons bay?
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