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  1. Started to work on the main model the other night, cutting up the arms to realign them into a different pose to how the standard kit has them in. This is the look I'm going for based on a still from BTS of the original film... This is where I am so far, I need to add more modelling clay to the shoulders before I start to sand it all down... I have also cut up the head a little too. Firstly I drilled out his nostrils and also filed out the flat ear moulds... I then attempted to mould the ear to look a little more realistic, not bad for my first ever attempt of modelling with clay. I think once it's all sanded and painted it will look nicer than the featureless moulding of the standard kit. Another view of the nostrils now they are opened up Of course when it comes to my paint job, the eye will be looking far left as in the black and white pic above
  2. Yes the steering does work and those are rubber bands. Just wish the drive mechanism worked. Still in two minds about taking it all apart and lubricating the parts that should have the wax stick rubbed over them...
  3. I admire the balls anyone has to scratch build, stunning car to pick too
  4. It's not quite a plastic or white metal kit but I'm getting my modelling mojo back and plan on building the released Airfix 1:12th scale model when it arrives later in the year so wanted to have some fun to get me into the swing of things, and it's 1:12th scale so thought why not. Enjoy...
  5. Finally completed the car... I'll be honest, I like the overall aesthetics of this kit, of course laser cut wood will have it's limitations but it was a fun little project to have a go at... The only disappointing thing is that the mechanism for the car to actually move under it's own power (wound up elastic bands) does not work at all. After I got the engine working smoothly, it's all clogged up again with the rest of the transmission. A part of me thinks forget it, just enjoy it for how it looks, but the engineer in me wants to actually get it working, so still tempted to take it all apart and maybe actually use the wax to lubricate the parts that need it, though I think it's less about lubricating the wood and more down to just the tolerances you get with something like this. Click on the pic below to see more images
  6. OK, I did a little test tonight and I'm pretty happy with the results. I did a side by side comparison with an old linen bed sheet we use for decorating so won't be an issue cutting that up, then the bandage from yesterday's test and then the suggestion of using some masking tape... I then put a based coat of XF-52 Flat Earth across all 3 of them... Safe to say I think the bed linen works for me so I had a bit of fun and quickly dry brushed XF-59 Dessert Yellow, then some XF-15 Flat Flesh and then a final pass with some XF-1 Flat Black. Quite happy with the end result, works for me
  7. I actually have several different types of masking tape, good idea, me thinks a side by side test is coming up
  8. Thanks, I'll try that. Paint remover seems a drastic move on plastic. I'll try the bleach method first. I does wonders to the tea stained spoons my wife leaves on the kitchen side
  9. BTW, any suggestions for removing the paint from the head and hand without damaging the plastic mould? I'm not too bothered about the rest of the body as that will be sanded down and given an all over based colour anyway but with the head and hand, I don't really want to be putting new paint over old.
  10. That's a fair point. I will try this with it being painted as maybe the paint and weathering/ageing may knock back the weave a little more, plus I'm very close up in the photo above, taken a little further back it may look better. I'll try with a paint wash in the first instance as this is still a proof of concept and if it still doesn't look the part I will try some other closer weave material if I can find it. The only issue with toilet paper is I feel any texture I'm going for will be lost once paint is applied.
  11. OK, so I thought I've gone to the trouble of buying some material off ebay, I might as well try it out. So I carefully removed one of the arms I cut a strip of the material and as I thought, it's way too thick and and if I wrapped him up in this he will gain about 10 stone in weight visually Then I had a thought... As strange as it may seem I thought I'd have a look in our first aid box and see if a real bandage might actually look OK. I had two options, firstly this tube bandage normally used to dress fingers or toes... The only issue I had was it just wants to roll up into itself so you almost end up with tubes as you wrap it around, and although better that the model sail fabric above, it again looks too large on the arm... I then found this ultra light weight bandage at the bottom of our first aid box... Cut a thin strip of it... ...and you know what, I think this might just actually work. What do you think? Obviously this is just a test and I've not prepared the model yet. The model will get a complete new base coat and potentially smoothing off of the high spots of the moulded bandages, just look at the hand too, that needs serious cleaning up of the mould edging. But I reckon this will actually work and after taking it off it very quickly creates it's own frayed edges so I think after all this time looking for a material to replicate a bandage, I will actually use a bandage. I think next step is a quick paint test to see how this material holds up to being painted and even a little weathering too. A proof of concept before the hard work begins in prepping the model for the full wrap
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