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  1. Thank you for the input regarding the paint racks! If I buy them I would have them on my desktop, but I suppose it's no big deal to screw them tight on my desk. It's a modellers desk, after all I'm also planning on putting 2 racks on top of eachother, so I would have to come up with some fasteners for them anyway.
  2. I'm thinking of buying the same paint racks, but I (sadly) can't hang them on the wall for different reasons. How stable are they when standing on a table or window sill?
  3. I’ve never heard of those cutting mats. They seem really useful! Wonder what Santa will bring this year Do you have a recommendation for a circle cutter to use with the mats?
  4. Thanks, @Foxbat, I'll look into that!
  5. Thank you for your input! I ordered the set from Ammo Mig, actually. I use airbrush and have used Ammo Mig previously with good results. The set seemed reasonably with the "correct" colors in one set.
  6. I may have found the answer myself, after all. Sometimes it's really hard to find information on the internet, but both Ammo Mig and AK Interactive seem to have paint sets with the correct colours. I'm now planning on buying one of these: https://ak-interactive.com/product/bundeswehr-desert-camouflage-colors/ https://www.migjimenez.com/en/acrylic-colors/271--bundeswehr-afghanistan-scheme-smart-acrylic-set.html Any thoughts on that? Regards, Henrik
  7. Hello! I have ordered the kit 03284 (Dingo 2 GE A2.3 PatSi) from Revell. When looking at the instructions I have a hard time finding out which paint I should be using for camo 2, the one used in Afghanistan (the lighter colors). Revell calls out for a mix of: 70% 314 + 30% 89 70% 361 + 30% 89 I’m planning on buying a camo-paint-mask for the kit, and that one calls out for “Africa brown” and “beige”. Can someone help me finding acrylic equivalents from Ammo, Vallejo or AK Interactive (or similar)? I don’t know what names to look for... I pre
  8. Indeed! Thank you, @louiex2! Off to Amazon I masked the tires for the Kubelwagen the other day with VML, and it actually worked rather well. The product itself is great, it's just the application that's tricky. I applied it straight from the bottle, and then I "whirled" it around the rim with a short piece of sprue. With microapplicator this should probably be even easier. I am however pleased with the result. VLM applied after painting the rim in body color Peeled of nicely!
  9. I tried toothpicks, but I found them to "drag" the liquid mask along in spiderweb-like strings. Didn't work at all for me. What I eventually tried - and found working ok - was old spruegates. A rod of plastic seemed to work ok. But I will definitely try the tip from @louiex2 regarding micro applicators.
  10. Thank you for your reply, Giorgio. Ammonia won’t work then since I’m using acrylic paints. Shame... I thought liquid mask was such a great idea, but if I have to use a “new” brush every time it’s gonna become annoying after a while. I tried a toothpick, but that didn’t work either. I’m gonna give it a few more tries, then I think I’ll resort to cutting masks from Tamiya tape or similar myself.
  11. Hello, fellow modellers! When using VLM, I “pour” it on the edge of, say, a rim for a roadwheel. When trying to dispense it around the wheel with a brush, the brush clogs almost instantly. It’s also really hard to clean the brush with water. What should I be using instead of water for cleaning? And how do I prevent the brush from clogging up? TIA Henrik
  12. Just like @Werdna I've also just started airbrushing. For many, many years I had an Aztek A470 (the kit with multiple nozzles) in a drawer but never quite had the opportunity to use it. Now, as an adult, the time has finally come. The Aztek, however, is not an easy-to-use airbrush. I'm struggling quite a lot with selecting nozzles, and somehow the paint seems to find it's way into the body. I bought a cheapish AB from a local "everything and nothing" reseller here in Sweden called Biltema. They sell a lot of rebranded chinese products (tools and what not), and also airbrushes. It's a double ac
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