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  1. And yet another one from me!
  2. I have this one in "matt", and I think it's really good!
  3. I sometimes use Micro Gloss with paintbrush if it's just smaller areas. For glosscoating a entire model i use Alclad Aqua Gloss with airbrush. Just put down in thin layers and you'll get a good, gloss finish.
  4. No one knows. It's one of lifes great mysteries
  5. Sorry, but it doesn't show up. Just a broken link, I'm afraid.
  6. I bought two kits here in Sweden today. The shop is "Ullared", which is a gigantic store knows for having exactly everything at low prices. A nice shop, really! Sometimes they get their hands on model kits, mostly Revell. Today I was in the vicinity, so I stopped by and picked these two up: The Shelby set me back around £6, and the Viper around £8. Can't complain!
  7. I do that too, but sometimes (often) I’m lazy, and then I wish for a smaller nozzle
  8. I’m doing yellow right now, so good to know. Thanks!
  9. I agree! Zap could probably spend a little more time experimenting with different materials and designs. Wouldn't it also be nice to have some sort of dispenser when you just need a small amount of glue? Like, always? I mean, a dispenser that actually works, like a integrated brush or some kind of metallic pointy thingy. Should you really have to buy that from a different manufacturer conciderng the price-tag of the glue?
  10. I have several of UPM (rebranded Badger/Stynylrez) primers, and I shoot them with the 0.5mm needle in Ultimate Apex Airbrush. I don't need to thin the gloss black one, and I don't thin the others as well. Shoots without problems with 0.5 at around 22-25 psi. Build up in light coats or just single heavier coat, it levels out beatifully no matter what, it seems. Absolutely my favourite primers!
  11. Wow! My favourite primer in silver? I did not know that, so thank you very much for that information! Would that be extra good for priming under metallic colors? Today I use UMP Gloss Black under Vallejo Metal.
  12. Thank you for the very nice pictures of your great looking builds! I may have to get a lightbox...
  13. Haha... Sure is! Properly tidied and cleaned up before the picture was taken... "This image is not a representation of the reality"
  14. Just testing out MS Onedrive. Could that perhaps be my new provider?
  15. Depends. I usually paint them “Tire Black” front Gunze or some other tire-colour. Yesterday I painted the tires for my current motorcycle kit in Tire Black, then applied a satin gloss and drybrushed Ammo MIG Earth for that dirt road effect. I think it came out rather nicely! Have a nice weekend!
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