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  1. I have just completed this 1/350 Enterprise as a lockdown project. It is lit with Tenacontrols 50th anniversary kit for the bussards and strobes etc, the hull has led strip and SMDs in the tight areas. It is painted to try and get close to the original 11 foot filming miniature recently restored by the Smithsonian. The images were taken on my phone, with a YouTube video projected as a background. Thanks for looking by.
  2. The decals were ok in the main, I had a few issues with those accent stripes that run from the roof to the front of the car. They were a bit reluctant to sit down, they were all very precise though.
  3. Assembled the Aires nozzles and have been playing with Eduard PE today Pretty pleased with the seats, considering their size. Cockpit is complete and installed in the fuselage, the kit goes together very easily and it all fits really well.
  4. I have recently joined the forum and this is my first WIP....... I have not built an aircraft model since I was about 11 years old, over the past few weeks I have built a Tiger tank, two Le Mans Ford racecars and a Ducati 916. I thought it might be fun to try a plane next and try to do a thread for it. Living about 10 minutes from RAF Lakenheath, an F15 was the obvious choice, I had heard good things about the Academy kit with the only negative being the simplified exhaust nozzles. A set of Aires resin replacements should improve that. I also have Eduard PE for the co
  5. Looking really nice so far, headlights often betray a model car but these look very realistic.
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and advice. Jeff
  7. First post here, so hi everyone. As a youngster I was a prolific builder, mainly military and laterly cars. I have always held an interest but lacked the time to really get building. Until now..... I have built two AFVs, a Fujimi GT40 and have just finished this Revell Ford GT over the past 5 weeks at home. This one was painted with Zero paints Wynns purple and was treated to a Decalcas resin detail kit and Keating motorsports livery decals. I also used Tamiya carbon decal, added the antenna and used a staple as a pitot tube Thanks for look
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/155580162@N02/49827147101/in/dateposted-public/ Test
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