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  1. Thank you! On another note, do people have a recommended source for the fine mesh seen in the photos?
  2. This is such a cool build! Where did you source the decals?
  3. The Sikorsky archive document states "The interiors were specially designed to include bunks, a washroom, cooking stove and utensils, and food staples." This lead me to reach out to the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari museum to see if they had any photos on hand of how the interiors were configured. The provided the following four, very helpful images: The museum received these photos from the Sikorsky company archives (now Lockheed Martin). According to the museum, these photos are of the plane immediately before it left the factory as it was specially bui
  4. Well perhaps I need to work on my googling skills! More practice as always
  5. Thank you @Moa! Your research skills are on par with your modeling skills!
  6. Incredible work! The photography skills are top notch as well
  7. Made some progress this weekend on cleaning up some of the parts in preparation for assembling the interior of the plane. It occurred to me that I haven't seen any documentation of how the interior of this S-38 was configured on its African Safari. Does anyone have a resource to point to on how it was configured?
  8. Thank you! The folks at SBS models really deserve the credit for the fine kit. The design is super cool though!
  9. Made a little progress today on rigging the plane - both on the wings and the rudder.
  10. Thank you! The resin kits are actually a lot of fun and not that hard. My first resin kit was the Brengun Chester Jeep racing plane and it was great.
  11. Finished off the Loire today! I'll try and post a ready for inspection thread later
  12. I am always impressed at your skills in making some of these spindly planes square and true! I lost count of the number of attempts I made at installing the upper wing of the biplane I am working on...
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