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  1. Thank you so much!!! I'll change picture in guide to black stripe. I need up to 1-2 weeks to produce and the price is 12 USD (72) and 14 USD (48).
  2. I done my new laser decal URxx162 Fairey IIIF Mk.IIIB float version - scale 144/72/48/32. May be it will help for somebody. )))
  3. Work is done but its not only Hunter. ))) Laser decal with white colour in 72/48/32 scale. Any scale.
  4. I've plans to create decal for The Tower Bridge Incident Hunter. It's mean that the decal will be able in any scale 144/72/48/32. But I need absolutely proved info about the Hunter. Because it's so old story I'm awating some difficulties. Anybody help me?
  5. All of them are have Falkland's emblem.
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