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  1. I've got the Trumpeter one (unbuilt) which is nice, but the open bomb bay and crew access options will sway me to buying this one too. I just hope they've got a Hampden up their sleeves for 2018
  2. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I built the Airfix kit a while ago and thought it was really nice. This one though takes it to a much higher level of finesse. It has a look of Noah's Ark about with the grenade mesh on the roof. I think I'll have a look at their Austin Mk.IV armoured car next
  3. Hi all, I've had a bit of spare time over the Easter so decided to knock up this small tank.It's the female version (machine gun armed) of the Mk.1 tank which were first used during the battle of the Somme in 1916. Nothing much to say about the construction other than it went together nicely without any filler. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and mounted on a 6" x 4" photo frame with flower arranging block off-cuts forming the contours, then bedded in with Polycell and small bits of soil from the garden .Annoyingly the Vallejo pigments have dried a different colour to the groundwork. The whole thing went together remarkably quickly over a couple of days One of these early tanks supported my great uncles battalion (12th Bn Durham Light Infantry) during their successful assault to take Le Sars in October 1916. Sadly he didn't make it through and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing Thanks for looking,Tim.
  4. Thankyou Tbolt, that's very kind of you. It's the smaller bits in the set that I'm unsure of the placement . Just checked my pm's and found them. Thanks again
  5. Good evening all. I'm thinking about doing an RAF Phantom in the attractive air defence grey scheme from the Hasegawa kit in my stash. Unfortunately, the instructions from the above resin cockpit set have vanished. I was wondering if any members may have a copy they could possibly photograph and PM me with? I have contacted Aires directly but as yet have had no response. Thanks (hopefully) in advance. Tim
  6. Very nice indeed. The fading on the olive drab panels looks spot-on.
  7. Lovely built and painted pair Tony. You don't see this variant modelled very often.
  8. Thanks for the kind words chaps. These new Airfix kits are certainly getting the majority of my modelling budget. Long may it continue.
  9. Hi all, this is the 1/72 Airfix model of the Bristol Blenheim IV .Built to represent a machine from 53 Sqn based at Farnborough in 1939. Joining the forward fuselage bits together before marrying up the left and right fuselage halves seems to eliminate the gap problems that others have had in this area. Overall I found this kit to be a pleasure to build, and I'm looking forward to the Mk.I in the stash as well as the Whitley V. I would recommend the Eduard masks for the glazing though,because life is too short. Best regards, Tim.
  10. Excellent job all round Woody, it looks brilliant. I think less is more with the ground equipment. Sometimes the aircraft can be overwhelmed if there are too many vehicles etc.The balance here works really well.
  11. Mosquito (with twin-stage Merlins & bulged bomb bay),Hampden and Battle for me thankyou. All in 1/72.
  12. Held off the transport version of the Stirling to get the bomber. There's, ermmm...quite a lot going on in the box artwork. Can't wait.
  13. £24.99 for a state of the art Whitley? Come and take my money please.
  14. My favourite mark of Shackleton. Love the taildraggers with the cannon in the nose and the white over grey colour scheme. Couldn't be happier.
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