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  1. Hi, and enjoy the forum. Most of the inmates are unstable but friendly!
  2. Light My Fire is about how hard it is to get warm in the continuous sideways rain of a Welsh August.
  3. What a cruddy day; I'll bet you were glad to finally get to bed in the end. We've got three kids, all grown up now, and I only ever laid a hand on one once. I felt worse about it than he did, so I didn't revisit that method of parenting.
  4. That's a lovely presentation of a great little aircraft - the cowling and engine look great.
  5. That must be how they can afford to use Ed Force One!
  6. How you have the time or inclination to build kits after a day like that I'll never know! Fortunately for me, my days of child-rearing and the associated cat-herding, fog-plaiting, lack of sleep, weird decisions being made by spouses (which are obviously then not communicated until there are a huge amount of pieces to pick up) , weekends that disappear at the drop of a hat and other acts of general psychological warfare that go with it are over. I am still traumatised by the memory of countless Eisteddfodau, scout camps, guitar lessons etc. I'm enjoying the window between children and grandchildren as much as I can for as long as I can!
  7. He says, like it's a piece-of-cake, two-minute job that we can all do with no bother! Cracking build, Adrian, and an interesting subject.
  8. Looking very nice indeed; that decal will come good with a bit of TLC.
  9. Ha, yes, Post-Its have recently made an appearance in my build process, and for that exact reason. Getting old is rubbish.
  10. Sorry lads, I might have to back out of this one. Our house move has come forward and the place we'll be in (at least for the near future) is unlikely to have enough space for me to do much in the way of kit building, and it's a 99% certainty that even if I do get a workspace sorted it won't be in time for me to get my build done before the deadline. It's a shame, as I'd been looking forward to this one. Real life stinks. Cheers, JRK
  11. I bought this kit as I just couldn't get over the snazzy blue and OD "camo" of the Cuban scheme. I found it on Ebay for a reasonable price and viola, there she blows. This kit is a bit of nostalgia for me. My Mum bought me this one for my tenth (I think) birthday and I loved it. If I'm honest the kit's not as marvellous as I remembered it to be but I'll enjoy building and upgrading it as I go. Again, this was an Ebay bargain. When I'll get the chance to build them, God only knows. We're in the middle of moving to a smaller house and it looks like I won't have the room to take my modelling desk.
  12. Thanks Darryl - nice to have you with us. A V2 would be a perfect addition to the line-up.
  13. Yes, it's the culmination of a story of missed opportunities, wrong place wrong time, and daft mistakes. Ho hum, eh?!
  14. If I had any choice in the matter I wouldn't leave this house, but unfortunately my landlord needs it for his son and daughter-in-law, so we have to go.
  15. Usually two or maybe three. I have had four on the go and it was too many - basically there was always an excuse to faff and fiddle rather than actually getting on and making some concrete progress with something. Unfortunately I've packed my two current builds and my one SoD build away for moving house so there's no work happening at the moment. Even more unfortunately it looks as though I won't get any space at all in the new house to build my kits. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that, really.
  16. The backstory turned my stomach; it's important that we who build Luftwaffe kits (myself very much included) remember just how vile the regime that created these aircraft was. Your dedication to the history of the aircraft is commendable, and the I'll follow your build with great interest.
  17. Hi Jesse, welcome to BM; that kit looks fabulous!
  18. Looking good! I built one of these late last year and really enjoyed it. My main booboo was building the booms and wings separately, so when it came to fitting them together the locating lugs had to be cut off to get them to fit. However this did mean that I could site each boom exactly where I wanted it, which made for a good fit. I have another in my stash and am looking forward to getting to it.
  19. That's coming on well, and you're making swift progress.
  20. Well, those both look pretty good to me!
  21. Wow, that's seriously impressive - excellent work there, sir. Slava Ukraini!
  22. Always good for a quote, is Eddie. He's been one of my musical heroes for many years now.
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