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  1. Oho, the truth, eh? Careful, Edward, they'll all want some.
  2. I've got a big stick with a nail in it - will that do?
  3. It's a shame you found this build unenjoyable - I built this kit and loved it. However unpleasant your experience you got a great result.
  4. Afternoon all, I've spent a couple of hours fiddling with the cockpit and although it's as dark as a very dark thing in there I've applied the IP decals (which look better than I anticipated), slapped some paint on various buttons, levers and dials and have put a wash on. whether you'll see owt is another thing entirely, but one must try. To that end I also drybrushed some light grey and steel in the odd area to make it look at least a little lived-in: I took this one before I'd put the Decal Fix on, so you can't see how well the decals have conformed. Useful pictures of Gannet cockpits don't seem to abound on the interclock, so I made a few small highlights based on what I could find and then made a few up, just to brighten the black hole's event horizon a little. No, this isn't the latest Ryan Air narrow-body, it's some very bright-looking crew seats, complete with Extra Tasty Belt Decals (TM), which will be mucked up a bit after fitting. They look exceptionally bright in the picture but a little less luminous in reality, so hopefully they won't need too much taming. Cheers, JRK
  5. Same here; I'm yet to try an Eduard kit with the newer decals and am thinking that testing them on a mule will be the way forward. Now I just need a mule...
  6. Choosing my reaction to the above post was difficult, Edward (as is the fact that I will insist on spelling your name "Edawrd", for some reason, and then have to correct it); I didn't want to leave a laugh, because, well, that would seem to make light. A thanks might smack of schadenfreude and a confused face opens up a whole can of worms. In the end I just went for a like, which is a bit ambiguous and not very descriptive.
  7. Superb, Roger - absolutely fantastic.
  8. This was pretty much all I could find, Dave. Fifteen minutes of Googling and I ended up back at BM!
  9. Ha ha, yes, he'll be flying this thing via the medium of Braille! Thanks for joining in - I have a feeling I'll need all the support I can get with this one! Feel free, Mark. You've mentored me many times in the past, so if you want to see what disasters befall me engineering solutions I come up with along the way I'd be pleased to have you along for the ride.
  10. A little progress to report. I've built up the interior and rather than douse it in the blackest black I could find I gave it a couple of light coats of Humbrol 32. As you'll see below it's still as dark as a Goth's pyjamas, so there's a very slim chance of being able to see much in the way of detail in the very enclosed and very gloomy cockpits. I'm hoping that with a bit of drybushing and highlighting the main details will be visible, though. One thing that was annoying is that the instructions call for you to put the cockpit sides onto the floor before inserting the bulkheads; I'd reverse the steps here were I to build the kit again as the bulkheads were a sod to get into position after the cement holding the cockpit sides in was dry. Sorry this is a bit blurry; a cruddy iPhone camera and shaky hands coupled with a very dark colour don't make for ideal bedfellows, but hey... I've chucked a bit of H32 around the interior, too, just to ensure that nobody can see anything. Cheers, JRK
  11. Going to touchdown upstairs, is he?!
  12. At the risk of coming across like The Bloke Off The Internet, I've found white spirit to be great for cleaning brushes but not ideal for thinning. Colourcoats thinner, in addition to smelling a whole lot better, seems to impact on the finish of the paint much less and also dries faster. It's worth trying some even if you use Humbrol and Revell paints.
  13. Suffer? I'm bound to. I'm beginning to feel that I might like kit-ruining because it allows me to indulge my masochistic streak. I'd like a nice, new-tooled Eduard or Tamiya Gannet kit in 1/48, but in the meantime a shonky old Revell will have to suffice. I'll let you know how I get on and at which point I first decide that it's going in the bin. I think I'm going to have the weapons bay closed, so I might be able to get a bit of lead in the front end of that, plus some in the nose section. Otherwise I'll have to improvise as I go, I suppose.
  14. Yes, considering Revell make such a dog's breakfast of the paint calls, once you get to the bottom of things it actually gets much simpler! As for the weight, thanks for reminding me - I'd forgotten the need for it in this build but will make a note to add plenty. Cheers, JRK
  15. Grrr, how the hell did I only see this thread now?! Cracking build of a handsome airframe. I have the same kit in my stash (well, the mk1F) and need to give some thought to actually building it at some point.
  16. It had many plus points, but its looks weren't one! I'm hoping that under the flash it'll be okay. Hoping.
  17. Edward, mate, that's a win. We all smeg up but what counts is how you throw the toys out of the pram come back from them, and you've come back from this one really well.
  18. Not content with having two seemingly never-ending builds on the go (well, one on the go and the other on the Shelf of Eternal Damnation) and despite only recently finishing what was going to be my last Revell dog's breakfast -sorry, kit- for a long time due to the trauma it caused me, I seem to be building another Revell kit. Given that my knowledge of Cold War naval types is pretty limited, it makes perfect sense to build a 1/72 Gannet. This is the kit: I must have been feeling charitable towards it as I bought it some AM, proof that I will insist on rolling these things in glitter in an attempt to enjoy building them. So far (and I'm only a couple of steps in) these are my impressions: For a 2008 tooling there's a shedload of flash decorating the sprues, so that's fun; Some of the detail is good, some / most (especially the interior) is very bad. Things don't fit very well All in all it's a Revell kit, so I know what I'm letting myself in for. I'll be showing it in the FAA scheme, assuming I don't lose my mind before then. Here's what I've done so far. Like I said, not much but it's a start. Now I've finished working out the positively unhinged paint calls I might actually get some colour on it soon. In this picture you can see both the generous amounts of flash I'll have to crave my way through and the general shonkiness of the moulding. Happy days! In my stash I have some really nice kits. One day I might build one. Cheers, JRK
  19. Right, she's finished: There'll be an RFI thread ASAP. Thanks very much to everyone who has commented, offered advice or just read the thread. This one wasn't the fast build that I hoped it would be and there were plenty of hiccups along the way. All that aside, I think she's turned out okay. I could have weathered her further, I suppose, but I wanted to get her finished and out of my hair. Cheers, JRK
  20. Come on, you lot, get voting; those Me262's aren't going to vote for themselves!
  21. Fear not, young Bertram; I have this covered.
  22. It's okay, I've phoned Brad Raffensberger and asked him to find the Pillar Of Fire GB eleven thousand votes.
  23. Moderation's not a job, it's a sentence.
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