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  1. Very smart! Did you use decals for the tulip or did you mask and paint it?
  2. Being a bit of a sucker for a Bf109 I'll follow this with great interest. You've made a great start and she's looking very neat. Which scheme will you paint her in?
  3. I had that with a 1984 JCM800; it sounded unlike any other amp (in a good way - it was biased for 6L6s rather than EL34s) and when the power tubes eventually died I had them replaced (with some very tasty Teonex jobbies) but it just didn't sound the same. My brother has that amp at his place at the moment and it needs work; once that's done I'll have to sell it. I should hope so too!
  4. Not my usual fayre, but it does sound like a cool pedal. Now that does sound tasty, I have to say. Man, I had one of those. I've had lots of amps, some good and some bad. That's the only one I regret selling.
  5. For the princely sum of nineteen pounds, this: It's the old Trimasters kit from waaaaaaay back but it's superbly molded and the detail (particularly the engine and cockpit) is excellent. Really looking forward to this one, as I do like a 152 and I've been after an H-1 for a decent price for ages now. I just wish I had somewhere to build it!
  6. To be fair, they do look very cool like that, so it could be worse, I suppose!
  7. Oooh, I've been looking forward to seeing one of these get built. I built the 1/72 T.11 last year and really liked it, so I'll be interested to see how its older and bigger brother comes together. What scheme will you be going for?
  8. That's great - I'll add you to the hitlist and we'll see if we can attract the final two victims signatories soon,
  9. That's what I did in our old place; I was perfectly happy with it and it worked really well. Any work for my job that I do at home now has to be done on the kitchen table, which isn't my first choice at all due to the distractions and clutter, but needs must when the devil drives. That's what is great about a decently-sized and solid desk, isn't it? I'd build kits, tune air rifles, dismantle engines etc etc at mine in the old place. Thinking about it, maybe that's why 'Er Indoors is so dead set on me doing the same here!
  10. Who doesn't like a big old Tonka? Superb job.
  11. Sadly not, as there's just nowhere to put it. The frustrating thing about all this is that the floor plan of the house is quite large but there's not an awful lot of useable (well, useable whilst not sleeping on the sofa) space due to things like huge internal windows, islands etc. If I could get rid of one decent-sized item of furniture I'd be sorted. I've been looking at the EBMA gear and it looks very good; whilst I have a lot of my materials in one of those drawer-stack things, it isn't purpose-built with kit-mangling in mind, so whilst I can fit five 14ml tinlets in each drawer there's a bit of wasted space. Regardless of the domestic situation, one of these might be handy anyway.
  12. Wow, what a piece! She's absolutely superb in every respect.
  13. Come on, you lot! If three more of you sign up we'll be bunfight-bound and I can stop moithering you all!
  14. A big thanks to Pat and Dave ( @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader ) for running this GB. It was great to see so many vintage kits getting built and to see the different approaches taken to them by the builders. Although I only got one build done this was all I'd committed to because we moved house right in the middle of the the GB's time period. I'd have liked to have done another, possibly a Skyray or Northrop F-5, but I can always have a bash at those another time when I can actually do some kit-ruining. The Meteor I built was full of frustrations but I was quite pleased with the end result, even if the model is 30% filler and 15% swearing. It was good to build alongside you all and to look through the gallery at all of the finished articles was a real pleasure. Thanks, JRK
  15. Ha, I'm not sure I could stand the pace!
  16. Sadly this is also out of the question - something about the UDHR, or something. Either way, it looks like she's staying! I'm thinking that in the immediate term at least the kitchen table might feature quite heavily, unfortunately. I suppose I could break my maximum-of-three-kits-being-built-at-a-time rule and crack open a small kit and try that, using the suggestions made above. In the old house I was spoiled really, as my desk / bench was 180x100cm and had a shelf at the back, to say nothing of three drawers on each side. I've still got it, dismantled, in the (tiny)shed, but I'm thinking it'll have to go, because there's no way it's fitting into this new place without causing some serious domestic friction.
  17. Thanks Bertie, much appreciated. I know that it's not a big deal when compared to problems faced by other folks in the world, so I don't want to moan too much, but I would like to get back to it soon.
  18. When I was a young 'un I painted Warhammer 40k miniatures but it doesn't float my boat like aircraft do. However, I'll bear it in mind for the future, because it might be an option further down the line.
  19. How did I miss this thread? I've just read it from beginning to not-quite-end, and will follow on for the grand finale. The second kit I ever built was an Airfix Sunderland III and I've had the itch to add another to the stash for a while now... Which do we think is the better kit, folks? The Airfix kit from 1486 or the more recent SH offering? Roger, I've a soft spot for RAAF / RNZAF aircraft, and for ones that flew from Welsh bases, so this one has really honked my hooter!
  20. He doesn't give lessons, by any chance?!
  21. At the risk of turning this thread from "what have you bought lately?" to "the pedal fanciers' thread", I find the tone of the Dunlop to be excellent but I don't like the way it switches in at the very top of the sweep, so live I use a Morley Bad Horsie (despite the Vai association, I really like it) because it's switchless and it comes in at the bass end of the sweep rather than the clanky end. In the studio I use a Cry Baby or an old Vox. *Disclaimer - I haven't played live or recorded for years! Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I use the Morley when rehearsing for the gigs my band doesn't play!
  22. Those are definitely looking like the most likely option. The veg rack doohdah in particular could be very handy. I might even have space to store one, if I chuck away little set of drawers I have in the utility room. Possibly; our landlord muttered something about possibly letting me use part of his workshop, but nothing else has been mentioned since then. I'd take it if it was offered, but I'd rather work at home if possible. I will keep you posted; I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet (I still seem to be buying kits, at any rate!). That looks very smart, to be fair. I have an drawer-type organiser that's great for paints, small parts etc but it's not at the same level as the one you posted. Not quite big enough, I'm afraid, Colin. The house is a converted stone agricultural building and there's not much space above the ceilings, and what space there is is full of trusses and masses of insulation. If it was absolutely imperative I could perhaps build up there to prove that it could be done but, unlike your loft, I doubt it would be very comfortable! You're not wrong; the loft is ridiculously insulated so temps are never very low in there but at the moment it's beyond sweltering. We do have a good sized storage cupboard built into our bedroom, but somebody has filled it with gun cabinets and has perhaps pushed his luck a little too far to announce to 'Er Indoors that he's going to evict even more of her stuff to put his paints in there! As such, getting myself sorted sooner rather than later is important because I don't want to ruin all of those paints. I keep hoping our last rugrat will fly the nest and then I can take over her room; so far that's not happened! Thanks very much for your suggestions, folks, they're much appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on.
  23. Hi all, I've resisted posting this for a few weeks but I'm starting to feel pretty frustrated by the whole scenario, and was wondering if any of you have any earth-shattering revelations that I've not thought of that might get me out of the rut. We ('Er Indoors and our youngest) had to move recently. We didn't want to but we had to, so that was that. Due to the nature and layout (and lack of space) of the new place I haven't been able to set up my desk / workbench and so have had to relegate not only my stash but all of my modelling gear (paints, tools, part-built kits etc - everything) to the loft. We've been in getting on for a month and I haven't spent a single moment on modelling. I was hoping to set up in the utility room but there's a freezer in there now, so that's out. There was talk of me setting up a small workbench in the kitchen but that's been vetoed pretty comprehensively, and there's no room anywhere else, despite us having chucked or given away a huge amount of stuff. There's a shed but it's tiny, and I can't afford to build a decent workshop. My other half has suggested I just do my kit butchery on the kitchen table and "put it away afterwards" but as we all know, that's not really an option where airbrushes, drying enamels etc is concerned. I'm quite a tidy builder and don't like working in a state of carnage, but having to drag everything down from the loft, use it for maybe an hour or so and then replace it is going to be a major pain in the Aristotle. I can live without using the airbrush, if I have to, because I've only been using one for the last 18 months or so, and can brush-paint if I have to, although I was at a point where airbrushing had taken my builds up a few notches in terms of how satisfied I was with my efforts. If you were in my situation, what would you do? Obviously I don't mean get rid of 'Er Indoors, or take up golf or anything like that! I'm just casting around for ideas in the short term, really. Cheers, JRK
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