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  1. Today I drove myself, 'Er Indoors and two dogs in the searing heat across the Cambrian Mountains and down the coast as far as Mwnt to go camping. Imagine my rage when I discovered that someone had removed the tent pegs from the tent.... We are now back at home. This isn't the whole story, however; I actually went to the same campsite last night and slept in my own little tent. It was so nice that when I got home early this afternoon, 'Er Indoors said "That looks nice - can we go back tonight?" The TLDR is that I woke up in Mwnt, drove 85 slow miles home, drove 85 slow miles back to Mwnt and then drove 85 slow miles home. I'm a good hundred quid and 12 hours' driving down. Spitting feathers? Aye, too right I am.
  2. That better be a 1/48 Meteor with realistic panel line details.
  3. That's such an exciting thought that a little bit of wee comes out every time I think it!
  4. That's just brilliant. The details are far beyond what I could manage in 1/48.
  5. She's coming on well, Enzo - I'll pull up a chair!
  6. Blimey, there's some sharp-looking detail going on there, Col. She's going to be superb.
  7. Hmmm, I wish I'd thought about intake trunking for mine now....!
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing what this one turns out like. So many choices for F-5s in terms of schemes, from the sublime to the ridiculous, and all of them interesting and intriguing.
  9. Bet you've no egrets about that!!! I'll get my coat.
  10. Yes, the rust was fitted as standard at the factory.
  11. No, but (certainly in sea fishing) a lot of anglers use line diameter rather than breaking strain as a guide to "strength"; diameter is given in metric.
  12. Superb work! The canopy masking in particular is absolutely spot-on. I must get my stalled Bf110E build back into contention - seeing your success might be the KUTA I need to do that.
  13. Cracking stuff, and what a cool scheme. Little Rissington's entry requirement must have been a flashy silver paint job and some orange highlights!
  14. That's a bonzer scheme to present the kit in - she'll look fantastic.
  15. Yes, hot off the press this week. Both schemes look very interesting, and the box art scheme has a very interesting history, in particular.
  16. I think I'll be resorting to the white tack sausages and paper method. However, I'm more than aware that this scheme may be accompanied by major headaches.
  17. Chuffed this has arrived; okay, it was delivered to my old address, but even so...
  18. Yeah, it's like the t-shirts at a Sisters of Mercy gig!
  19. Absolutely; the word "metric" tells you that it's all based around units which lock together, relate to each other in the same way, follow the same rules and behave in the same way. Farting about with gills, roods and stones is archaic, complicated and unnecessary - and that's before we get to dividing them up by weird fractions that have no real-world representation and can't be independently measured. My grandfather was an engineer who worked in Imperial all his life. My Dad was born in 1950 and still insists on using Imperial tools despite anything that was made in the UK, Europe, Japan, China or Australasia since 1970 - because his own dad hated the metric system! He used to live on a canal boat and if it needed maintenance I had to take tools to it and fix it myself, despite the bloody thing being half-full of old Whitworth spanners. I despair as to why the hell anybody would cling to the Imperial system.
  20. Wow, some fabulous pictures there!
  21. I can't; it's an abomination that can't die off soon enough.
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