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  1. I bought it here: http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/index.php?cPath=21_162 He has a lot of useful tools and raw materials for scratch building. I bought a set of forceps from him and they are substantially better than what I had before. It markedly reduces the risk of pinging a small part to no-where! -Nick
  2. I totally agree! I grew up during the Cold War and Soviet aircraft totally have an "evil empire" vibe for me that makes them fun to build and look at. I think the MiG-25 and Su-15TM particularly convey this. The fires are getting better, but the smoke lingers for a long time and the air quality is terrible. The most troubling part is that this is relatively early in the season and there has been 2 big statewide fire events so far. Thank you for the kind thoughts. Thanks for the tip about the decals! I didn't enhance the exhaust, though the whole rear had to be heavily sand
  3. Hello, This is my most recently completed build: the Revell (reboxed ICM) MiG-25RBT. I really enjoyed this kit and the engineering was quite impressive. The fit was not quite as good as Tamiya or Eduard, but the kit still assembled very well for a large and complex aircraft. The design of the wings and fuselage leads to a very positive fit of all major components and takes the guess work out of aligning canted structures like stabilators and ventral fins. The design also provides full length intakes (almost – tapered and likely an element of forced perspective, but it
  4. Well, it is probably more accurate to say that I was a remarkably unproductive modeler for the first 10ish yeas of my time in the hobby. However, while I wasn't completing any builds, I was learning about techniques and learning how to dissect pictures for weathering patterns and the like. I think this really flattens the learning curve and gives the modeler a much stronger sense of what they need to do to complete the work. That said, I really appreciate your kind words. Best, Nick
  5. I had finished one prior kit over many years and have assembled around 7-8 kits over the past 14 years, but only one got to the painting stage. I have been experimenting with the airbrush for many years (bought my first one in 2006), but wasn't proficient since I sprayed very infrequently and didn't address my workflow/ergonomics. So things like mixing paints was difficult and messy. My attempts at airbrushing really didn't look good at all! However, last summer I decided that either I would figure out how to do this stuff or give-up the work bench and stash since I wasn't completing anything.
  6. Hello, I am a long-time viewer who started really building kits just this year. I've learned a lot by reading articles on this site and excited to finally put the knowledge to good use. I started quite a few kits over the past decade, but largely stalled at the painting stage since I had to paint outside due to fumes (or so I thought). I started out using Gunze paints given their excellent reputation, but my only permanent work space was at my indoor desk, so I would only attempt to paint about 4-5 times per year (given time constraints and weather). All this changed in February wh
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