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  1. That's alright, just curiosity getting the better of me
  2. Wow Thankyou guys. Do you know how long she was in NI for? This one has a really interesting history, more so than i originally thought. Cheers, its amazing on how you can get information so fast.
  3. Thanks guys! I was wondering why they wanted a Navy cat considering they had army ones, Thanks.
  4. It is quite interesting isn't it? Been wanting to build this since October. Cheers
  5. XZ691 Westland Lynx HAS.2 RNAS Yeovilton 29 JSTU 1980 So, another lynx. This one i am very happy with. Before i talk about the model, lets talk about the real thing. XZ691 was a HAS.2 that got selected to be used in OP BANNER in Northern Ireland. She was stripped of her standard scheme (Blue) and painted in Army/Marine Camo and was put in 29 JSTU (Joint Services Trials Unit) I could only find one picture of her, so anything on the port side could be fiction. Because the picture was taken at an angle, It was somewhat difficult to follow the camo. After pu
  6. XZ691 is all finished. I decided to give it some remove before flight tags, some wires on the landing gear and that's about it, not too much to say about this one but i quite enjoyed making it and am very happy with the result.
  7. Not too consistent with posting on here, but she is painted and all decalled up. As with some of my models, its not a standard of its type, this is representing XZ691. In 1980 she was painted in a army/marine camo to be used In Op Banner. This is my first time using hataka paints (red line) and i am impressed. it went down really nicely (I used X-20A to thin it). That being said, the Olive Drab is Hataka and the Black is Tamiya. Flotation bag covers are made from tissue paper. The rotor head was painted Hataka Darks ea grey with a black wash and the blades were painted Tamiya
  8. Cheers. I kinda agree with you. The Hb kit is fun and i would recommend it to someone starting the hobby and isn't particularly to worried about accuracy. 1/72 is the perfect scale for me atm so i can suffer a little longer.. As for progress, well basically nothing. Waiting for some bits to arrive. Since that post i have done a quick build of an Airfix Magister (2 or 3 days) which i finished yesterday.
  9. Another lynx, this time a Hobbyboss kit. This one will be a normal HAS.2, with a twist that will come apparent in the a couple days. As with all my recent lynx, I have detailed the interior a little bit. I made milliput soundproofing along with some detail to the seats. I kept the Cyclic (No collective in this kit) away from the observers position and tried adding something of a radar screen to the console, and some overhead console. I used some evergreen strips to try and make the door rails a bit larger like the actual lynx, although i could make them a bit thicker. O
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, does really help me out. Its designed too, just doesn't achieve it well, it seems a bit too snug, but a bit of sanding down the door a little bit to make it thinner should fix it.
  11. Thanks. The colour of plastic was yellow, so that was a massive help. Thanks, I remember seeing them quite a bit down here aswell, of course you had to wave at them as they flew past
  12. XZ585 Westland Seaking HAR.3 RAF Coltishall 202 Sqn 1986 This is my attempt at the old tool Airfix Seaking, and well its a meh. The first issue with this, is that is has a crack on the starboard side, which i couldn't be bothered to do much to it to fix it. I have heard alot of bad about this kit, and If im honest i didn't experience many problems (apart from some odd shapes for the seaking) The worst fitting place was around the inlets but even that wasn't difficult to get rid of. Yellow is a few layers of Tamiya Xf-8 and a couple layers of X-3. Decals hav
  13. Finished the king probably the best of a week ago now, and I have let myself down. I decided to try to add some exhaust staining to it (which i never do) and completely messed it up. Luckily it wasn't the best of kits, and i want to build another HAR.3 in the future. The decals are ever so slightly milky, I'm assuming its just down to the age. (its not silvering, im a bit too used to that) The mrbs weren't painted in any particular way, just looked at some HAR.3 photos and like them with one yellow blade. I look the like of this one, but hate it at the same time. I also forgot to add clear smo
  14. Cheers, and yep should end up as a RAF SAR bird and not one that enter the fire dump, well that is the plan
  15. 585 has been all painted up (and decalled now but that will be a subject for tomorrow) Yellow is Tamiya X-8, and had a base coat of Xf-3 (just because it wasn't yellow enough) Not too much to say about it yet.
  16. 585 has been fully built, sanding and filling has been almost finished. Not too much bad too say about this build if I'm honest, definitely not the worst kit i have tackled. Rotors and Radome left removable for ease of painting.
  17. Hi all, hope you had a happy Christmas. On Christmas my stash has grown a little, by ten. These included 5 lynx (ready for the 50th year since its first flight), A Rotodyne, Belvedere, Whirlwind, Seaking (all 72 scale) and finally a 1/144 A380 (which is mahoosive) It took me a while to choose, but as the title suggests i chose the Seaking to build. Being the old tool kit, i have heard a lot of bad about it. So far, apart from having a non existent interior, its not terrible. I decided to only add seat belts to the cockpit seats and nothing else for the int
  18. XZ725 Westland Lynx HAS.3 HMS Osprey, RNAS Portland 702 NAS 1998 This is a slightly different style of RFI that i haven't done before, but i will try ans keep them like this. This was a very nice project, enjoyed it very much. Not accurate at all but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I custom made the interior, adding some extra detail such as soundproofing (first time using milliput to do that, i would usually used foil) and adding various bits to the back of the seats. I had to convert the bas kit (HAS.2) into a HAS.3 with ESM. Luckily i ha
  19. I completely forgot about Britmodeller if I'm honest, i completed the lynx last week, I think it was Monday. Decals went on okay, a little bit of silvering but nothing substantial. I really like this one, imo alot better than XZ236. So here she is: RFI:
  20. She is all painted up. Something different that i haven't done before is to paint and mask the walk boards and footsteps. The came out alright, just a tad on the light side which I'm not gonna bother changing. I have also painted on the flotation bag covers. The bad Filling and sanding skills show up quite badly on this, but it doesn't bother me too much.
  21. All built and ready for paint. I needed to scratch build a couple antennas and of course ESM. All pretty easy to convert.
  22. Yes another Lynx, this time a HAS.3S (I think its an S, buts is a HAS.3 none the less) This one isn't any particular lynx that i have chose, i was just scrolling through HAS.2/3 pictures and picked one I liked the look of.... XZ725 in 1998 if anyone is asking I am using this kit to make it, but i needs to have ESM so i am scratch building the arials/sensors apart from the nose one as i have a spare. The sponsons have been changed using the spare from the last kit and milliput (I used the spare just in case i messed up) The reason i am not doing the oob
  23. Thanks very much guys. @Brigbeale The issues are mostly found on the nose, but a bit of work is required around the whole model
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