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  1. Peter,


    I've got the Type 45 PE set, but can't work out what part number 3 (side bulwark handing gear) is for.



  2. Peter, just doing a type 45 now, but can't seem to find instructions for part 3 (Side bulwark handling gear) can you help?? Regards George
  3. Did you ever get a solution to the problem with the hanger PE??
  4. Hi, taken modelling up again to help pass the time during lockdown. Early days on the Trumpeter 1/350 Type 23 (Monmouth) and already managed to trash one of the PE parts (never had them when I was a kid!!!). As I brought the Grafton out of build from Scotstoun (As the Radio Supervisor) , what changes would I have to make (apart from DLF2) to replicate her?? Thanks in advance. George
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