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  1. Very, very cool. Having done a stop-motion animation movie, I know exactly how much work is required. Hat's off to you, sir!!
  2. Stunning work - and a faithful replication of Shep's original diorama. I had that same kit as a youngster, and remember the 4-page booklet very well. All long since lost over the years, of course.
  3. It did look good, for sure. No other memorabilia kicking around, aside from my own bike & gear. Not certain where the screen is now, sadly.
  4. There used to be an airshow in NZ called 'Warbirds over Wanaka' (or something similar), no idea about when it's scheduled - or if it's even running anytime soon. Can't speak for Avalon, but I've heard it's a pretty big event. Seems to be every two years (well, pre-CV19, anyway), but again, no idea if/when it will be back. I will point out that Oz is big. Perth to Sydney is a 4 hour flight, and NZ is a further 4 hours again.
  5. Fantastic work. The painting & detailing is excellent. FWIW, we used to have a windscreen from Sete's bike hanging on the lounge-room wall. (Donated by the pit-crew to my partner at the time, who was part of the medical team for the Oz GP that year. It was autographed by Sete, too.)
  6. Looks fantastic! One very small nit-pick - where's the battery retaining strap? Looks to me like a hard right-hand turn and the battery will slide out of the tray...
  7. Space:1999? I was thinking 'Discovery' from 2001 and either a Viper from Battlestar Galactica or the Liberator from Blake's 7.
  8. Excellent work!! As someone else noticed - the chain tensioner adjuster lock-nuts are in the wrong spot, and aside from the over-sized screw heads here and there you'd be hard pushed to realise it was a kit.
  9. As everyone else has said, that's a stunning piece of work.
  10. The weathering is subtle and not "over the top" like you sometimes see. Excellent work!
  11. What a ripper! Certainly a lot more interesting than the red Ducatis that you see everywhere!
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