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  1. Where did you get the Interceptor kit from, please? I've only ever seen them going to stupid amounts of money....
  2. Nice work! For your third model, it's come up very well. Keep it up.
  3. They are quite noisy - louder than my cheap Aldi compressor. So probably not one for use after hours.
  4. It depends on what era they are trying to represent. In the older samurai period, before around 1100AD, swords were straight - it's only after about 1200 or so that the curved 'katana' became more common. The same applies to the helmet - older period helmets had the huge flared bits on the side. As the armour gets newer, the flared bits get smaller until they disappear in (I think) about 1650 - 1700 or so. One of the Osprey books ('Early Samurai', I think) has an excellent painting of Minamoto Yoshitsune, who looks very much like the figure here. As a
  5. Nice work to bring it back like that. (I had one of those as a kid, too. No idea where it went over the years.)
  6. Hey there, The big thing you need is airflow. Lots of it, and an external window / opening to vent the fumes to. After that comes things like noise, size (and how much space you need to sacrifice to to the thing), extra lighting... Remember - you get what you pay for. I bought one of these: https://www.hobbytools.com.au/airbrush-spray-booth-led-lights-and-includes-exhaust-kit/ (You can probably get an identical one from a shop in the UK easily enough.) It's a bit too noisy for me and takes up a lot of space on my work table, but does the job quite well.
  7. At last, a question I can answer! In the Valiant Wings Publishing "Air Frame #1" He219 Uhu book, on page 19 there are colour photos of the interior of the plane. Including the compressed air tanks used to charge the 'schrage musik' cannons. The bottles appear to be a dark blue / grey / green colour. I have no way of hosting an image (easily), but if you want a copy of the photo, please message me. Cheers, V
  8. Not meaning to hijack the thread... You are correct in that (as I still have a use for my first (cheap) airbrush), and I apologise if I sounded arrogant. To bring the discussion back on topic, has anyone tried one of these battery powered devices, so others can get an idea of what they're like? And the one I could not remember previously - Viper Pro-X 25 - Cheers, V
  9. In case people are still looking, there is a program called 'darktable' (a very obvious play on 'Lightroom') that seems to do everything you could need. I haven't used it, but have it on my list of 'things to check out when I get time'. And it's free, as well. https://www.darktable.org/
  10. One advantage is the lack of noise it would create. I am still looking for a silent (or as silent as possible) compressor and did look at several of these. What turned me off them was the dodgy build quality and the fact that you can't seem to get the compressor without the cheap and nasty looking airbrush. There is an American brand that looks like a better-built option, but the name eludes me at the moment.
  11. Something a bit different from the usual space / sci-fi we see. Excellent work - I do like how the metal colour has come out.
  12. Love it. The painting in the cockpit is brilliant, and the weathering is perfect.
  13. Thanks very much for the leads, gentlemen! I shall see what paints are available at my local hobby shop and stock up with what I need.
  14. Hi all, Possibly a dumb question, but are there any odour-free paints out there that are suitable to run through an airbrush? I'm (ultimately) looking for a colour range that can do: WW2 German night-fighters, IJN / IJAAF planes and the generic colours you use everywhere such as silver / green / brown / black / gun-metal / white, etc. A friend mentioned Vallejo did something suitable, but not what range. Many thanks, V
  15. Bravo, sir! That is a magnificent restoration. (And yes, I was at the Iron Maiden concert when they came to my city. )
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