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  1. looks great mate and the photos are fantastic. And a plane with an interesting history. A deck landing accident, damage during gale force winds on the island and repaired bullet holes from small arms fire. And they flew the nuts off it during the war. I have recently become fascinated by the Falklands air war and have a Kinetic Sea Harrier ready to build for a diorama to include an A-4 from the Sanchez/Morgan encounter. But short nosed A-4’s basically dont exist anymore. Thanks Hasegawa! Nice job.
  2. V nice, aint it fun getting those intakes installed!!!!
  3. Fanbloodytastic, very nice. Great pics too.
  4. outstanding, I just found an F6 on Ebay to add to the ever growing stash.... cheers
  5. not much feedback to give. looks great. BUT, where did you get it? I cant find an Airfix lightning anywhere on the web!
  6. Interesting to read. I stumbled across the white Vallejo putty and have used it on small applications several times. I do find it shrinks a lot and turns powdery and sometimes chunks fall out. BUT, it is very easy to use because of the applicator, its as easy as applying glue to a gap in a wing root for example. I find it valuable to fill thin seams followed by a cotton bud swipe to remove the excess and often can get away without any follow up sanding. Is there a better quality putty that comes with a similar applicator? Or can we th
  7. Hi Guys, I managed to mis-read the instructions on my KH 1/48 Jaguar build and installed the truck mounts for the main wheels backwards!!!! Stupido..... I emailed the contact above and received a reply the next day with details of cost and payment tranfer options for the 2 replacement sprues I need. In perfect English too. Cheers and good luck
  8. If I could go back in a time machine I would have chosen the GR version. It has a more accurate nose and more opportunity for interesting weapons fit. Thanks for the kind words folks, I have updated the original post to include the Eduard main wheels.
  9. yep, I noticed it late in the build and figured it could be our little secret. Its amazing how these things are overlooked, been staring at reference pics on the net for weeks and didnt notice until the glue had set!
  10. Well when you get around to starting, this video has a great way of putting the flaps together, I found it very helpful.
  11. Ha, I am asking myself why DID I do it with he flaps down. What a pain in the butt that was.
  12. Its not what I would call an easy build, but its totally do-able. I was rather hesitant also bit jumped in and managed to throw it together. The main area of concern is around the engine intakes but glue and putty tend to solve all problems.
  13. Finally complete. An....ok kit. The dramas around the intakes are real and have been discussed before. Eduard ASRAAM, Eduard cockpit, Eduard main wheels, Xtradecals. Scratchbuilt intake covers from Tamiya tape.
  14. Tato Thanks, Yes I saw this yesterday. I even have a friend who lives nearby and can pick it up but I think I have settled on a Hasegawa kit or nothing. I will go ahead with the diorama build starting with the Harrier and keep an eye on A/B Skyhawk kit market and grab one if it becomes available at more reasonable retail pricing but the almost $200 price range for one on Ebay right now is a little beyond my building skill level. cheers
  15. Wow, I have not seen this detailed break down of different sprues issued. Will take a look, thanks. RMP, an Arbus thing, just coincidence. cheers
  16. RMP2 (Airbus pilot?) Thanks for the offer but a "C" nose will still be too long to represent a "B". Also, the only A-4 kit I can find is an E/F which I think has bigger engine intakes so even a nose graft will not be sufficient to present a "B" Cheers
  17. Tato, thanks for the feedback. It sounds to me like I will only consider the Hasegawa kit if I can rake up the courage to spend the insame amount of money..... But your HC "C" looks great, it obviously turns out well in the correct hands. Yep, I have located the resin nose but zero evidence that a "C" can be found to attach it to!!! Or Ebay prices as silly as the B/C version. Do you have a plan as to which mrkings you will be painting the A-4/SHAR combo?
  18. Yes I understand its a little average in fit. I have tracked down a HC "B" on Ebay and it is half the price of a Has kit, but still really expensive. Apart from fit issues, is the cockpit ok and are the surface details reasonable? And does the HC kit include the spine antenna/bulge particular to the Argentine aircraft? regards
  19. Very nice. And you learn something every day, I didnt realise the Kiwis purchased new scooters in addition to the ex RAN rigs.
  20. I noticed this kit when I was conducting research however I have failed to locate one from the usual online stores. Yep, tracked one down on Ebay but still up around the 100 dollar mark with shipping. I dont know much about the Hobbycraft kit but apparently its....ok? I ventured down this path also but alas cannot find any steel beach skyhawk nose. Now this has me intrigued and its on amazon too. I take it its a "B" nose that can go on a "C" kit? Now just gotta find a "C".......which is proving difficult also. I think its 1 foot and 1
  21. Greetings all, As I continue to purchase the goodies for my Falklands diorama, I have the Kinetic SHAR and associated PE accoutrements and now trying to figure out where to get an A-4B, a short nose Skyhawk. I know Hasegawa do an A-4B and a B/C variant with the additional Argentine comm/nav externals but I cant find any of these for sale. Ebay has several listed in the almost 200 USD mark with shipping from Europe but are these kits really that hard to find? Is there another “B” model Scooter that would fit the bill? Or maybe a resin nose to use with a later version of the
  22. Richard, Yes indeed, as I expected. Thanks v much.
  23. Greetings all. I have recently become inspired to build my first diorama, having recently returned to the hobby after several years away. Last month I spent several hours driving solo on a photo trip through central California listening to various Youtube interviews with Nigel "Sharkey" Ward and David "Mog" Morgan. Very interesting listening about a war I knew very little about. Fast forward several weeks and I have finally tracked down a Kinetic FRS1 and a Kinetic "Dagger" will be arriving soon. My plan is to represent the Sea Harrier flown by W
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