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  1. Hey all, Just a follow up on the decal issue I was having. I located some after market sheets that were all available but in Europe however I am keen on wrapping up this build by the end of this week. I tracked down some Tamiya decal solution and found much better results with the KH kit decals than my first attempt using Micro Scale Set/Sol. Two observations, the French roundels on the KH sheet appear thicker than the remaining letters, numbers and data and were the only slightly problematic ones to apply. This may be because of the color as apposed to the black lettering? Secondly, my Micro Scale set/sol were old.......probably very old considering I cant even remember where I purchased them. So that may also be a factor. all in all, decals appear to have worked well and should have some pics up in the next day or two. cheers and thanks for the assistance
  2. thanks v much, I will take a look at Berna decals, never used them before. and seeing the 611 jet in such a clear photo i have to say.....rather bland!! Too late though cheers
  3. Thanks v much for the info folks. So it looks like I have painted mine in Chad 2 colors, the darker of the dark browns with the grey belly, not silver. So basically a matter of finding decals for any tail number that suits the Chad 2.
  4. Awesome, thanks very much. I will take a look through and see whats there, cheers
  5. Wow, ok, good find. The jet I have decals for is the bottom one, side number 611 although the design on the fin is different. My mistake, my opening comment referred to Chad 1.
  6. I think the squadron would be ER 1/33 Belfort according to the instructions with side number 611. It looks like the Italeri decals are almost the same but for a jet painted silver underside as apposed to mine which is grey.
  7. Yes I took a look at these and figured they may come in handy for the letters and numbers at least.
  8. hi all, My KH 1/48 Mirage F-1 is almost done and thus far I am very happy with the results. BUT, the kit decals have turned out to be very thick and will not sit down on the panel lines and rivets despite large quantities of micro set/sol.... Does anybody know of a set of decals that would be available to model a French AF F1 CR in the sand/brown paint scheme of the late eighties, sometimes referred to as the Chad 1? kind regards and thanks in advance, DB
  9. Thanks for the kind words folks, I almost gave up on this build, the fuselage to cockpit join was so bad......but persistence
  10. The last couple of models I have dipped the clear parts in floor polish, not sure if it really makes them clearer but I suspect it does a little. I always handle them with surgical gloves too.
  11. Greetings all, Just completed this F-14A from VF-33. The kit is not bad but has some serious fit issues around the cockpit section to fuselage fit and the radome fit. I could not get the external fuel tanks to attach in the correct position as the main gear legs obstructed them so i moved them about 1mm inboard. I used to think that Hasegawa was the cats meow but after building several Tamiya kits I probably wont be overly enthusiastic about Hasegawa again. Its out of the box except for the decals and Eduard cockpit. Used Tamiya, Mr Hobby and AK paints and AK weathering pencils. Cheers folks
  12. I feel your pain, I recently completed the same kit. but your results are stunning, what a fantastic build and the mottled grey finish is very effective. Big thumbs up.
  13. Fantastic effort, great looking Tomcat. Also great to see the famous Mike Vizcarra's name on the canopy rail. His brother was a Tomcat pilot and his father was a Thud driver.
  14. Very very well done. You have raised the bar. Congrats.
  15. Thumbs up, v nice work. Great mottled grey paint.
  16. I noticed that too however I think the real example was very similar, the black was a gloss finish applied over an old scuffed up squadron plane and some photos show the black to be very clean and shiny.
  17. Nailed the dirty light gull grey scheme, fantastic and not easy to do either.
  18. Well this kit just won’t let me move on! Several messages have been sent to me pointing out the incorrect placement of the RAF fin flash. I followed the instructions by placing the blue to the front however it turns out the instructions are wrong for the special white paint scheme but correct for the traditional grey/green scheme. I followed the guidance for the white scheme. Lesson learned, research from actual photographs especially when building a KH kit!
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