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  1. Nice progress as always, only one question... Regards, Michał.
  2. Aye, aye sire. To give her black bottom! Let me go back to anti-skid plates question. I remember a few months ago Rob tried to get right anti-skid plates for his cruisers. Some time later I reckoned many frigattes (and corvettes) had anti-skid plates installed on decks too. Not all, but quite a lot. Usually steel plates were installed on: 1: front of breakwater, 2: around the funnel and anti-aircraft platform and 3: on quarterdeck. I noticed three main patterns of plates. Idea to recreate such interesting details was very attractive. So I asked Pawel
  3. Bit smaller. They were built in Australia and used on Pacific mainly (a few on Mediterranean Sea as well). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathurst-class_corvette It seems the same subject was prepared parallely by Pacificcrossroads company. Looks very good too... https://www.facebook.com/PacificCrossRoadsModels/?__tn__=-UC*F
  4. Nice to see such a good job. May I ask you which tools you use? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yes, I forgot adding this information to my previous post, but now I've done it. Best regards, Michał
  6. Black Cat Models announced Bathurst Class Corvette in 1/350: More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackCatModels.eu/posts/1073549759784102?__tn__=-R
  7. Black Cat Models announced Bathurst Class Corvette: More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackCatModels.eu/posts/1073549759784102?__tn__=-R
  8. Thank you Fellows, for very interesting discussion and very helpful for rest of us. I must admit I looked at Mr Ough's models the same way as dird did just to know how Ough painted decks One more remark if you please: Recently we discussed with Keith @beefy66 about appropriate doors for his Portchester Castle model. He wanted use nr 2 pattern, while I found some photos of Castles with nr 1 doors - and no with nr 2 variant. After our nice conversation I recalled that Ough wrote quite a lot about doors (drawning below is from his book, p. 95). Let's read his
  9. Impressive! Every cat would love such splendid catwalk! Me too... And these tiny, black footprints on such beautifull light decks and white walls. From coal-bunk to the wheel-house. Up and down, here and there. And back. And again! P A R A D I S E !!! Meeeeoooowww....
  10. Almost ready to take-off! Did I say I love the owl? Beside, It symbolises wisdom... Stomil means 100 miles. The company still exists. If you like as well emblems like these... You will find them in models of PZL Karaś and Łoś too. They are made by company IBG, quite new and very good models as well. Best regards, Michal
  11. I will look with great interesting too. This scheme will look terrific on modern warship. Scratchbuilding - this always looks interesting!
  12. I know your pains... Both: The same - not much enthusiasm sitting at the bench after working at the bench, especially when ... WINTER HAS BACK. Today -13 Celsius and 10 cm snow. Not to much snow but in such circumstances even Central Poland which is as flat as a frying pan seems beautifull. So only option was outdoor weekend and lot of forest back country skiiiiing with friends. Me too Best regards, M.
  13. Thank you very much for your kind comments, I'm glad you like it!
  14. From B.H. Franklin's The Buckley-class destroyer escorts, pp. 33-34: HTH, Regards, Michal.
  15. Very elegant model of beautiful aircraft! Many eyecatching details. Somewhat conservative paintig but I know it's your style. How made you rigging? And wings - are they from Arma Hobby correcting set? Best regards, Michal.
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