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  1. Hello! Next more photos. I'm looking for pics of the position of the front hood latches, in the open position. Maybe you have something...
  2. Hello, I'm building now Takoms ¼ Ton Utility Truck with ¼ ton Utility Trailer in 1/35. The kit is very good. There is one disadvantage: model building instructions are very small... The chassis and engine in work. The hood should appear open...
  3. Thank you for the detailed answer! I think I would go for the Zvezda or RFM.
  4. Hi Paul, Thank you for the answer. Maybe you want to tell which errors...
  5. Hello, I want to build the polish TV-Series T-34/85 tank "Rudy" 102. Now I'm looking for a good, easy to build kit. There are many! I have chosen three kits: T-34/85 No. 112 Factory Production, Academy | No. 13290 T34/85, 112 Factory Production, Airfix | Nr. A1361 T-34/85 Model 1944 No.174 Factory, Rye Filed Model, Nr. 5040 (here the additional tanks are missing, but it is the newest kit ) Opinions? Other suggestions?
  6. Thanks. This Kit ist diffult to get. I think about the Zvezda version. I would take a look...
  7. Hello, I would like to take part in the project. If it's not too late. Can you recommend a kit for a T-34, SU-85 or SU-122, that is not too expensive and challenging? Speak well fitting and with not too many parts. Scale 1/35 or 1/48. I thought of a Polish version, maybe in winter.
  8. Sorry! I hope a Mod will move it to the right section...
  9. I made a big mistake when building this Valentine model. The periscopes are glued in the wrong way. How can I mesh him? Ideas. Tips? Proposals?
  10. Panzer IV Ausf. D 1/35 from Tamiya 35096 I wanted to build the late Version from 1940 in Africa. I decided to paint it with Vallejo MC 70.914 green ochre. Unfortunately I did not think of the sag. Should I paint the taillights in red? I hope that the photos work better now...
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