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  1. Excellent Model. What paints did you use and how did you weather this kit? Wonderful
  2. Thank you Giorgio, Jure, and Modelraynz! -
  3. What is the best Kfir in 48th and 72nd? What are the problems with the ESCI or Italeri kits? Is there a 32nd kit coming out and what about The conversions? Thank you
  4. Any news on the release of this kit? I would love to do an Air Sea Rescue Warwick!!!! Thanks
  5. Any update ? I would love to see the finished products
  6. Any updates on this build?
  7. How did you do the weathering? Can you describe the method in detail? Also how did you do the metal paint? Please describe which Tamiya, Citadel Metallics and Lifecolor paints you used and how they were applied . How di you use the Lifecolor Tensocrom paint for all my weathering? Wonderful model! Fantastic work!!!!
  8. I have been working around aircraft for most of my life and I agree with Arkady72. I can find many examples of the fading and weathering he has rendered. When we deployed to the middle east, our F-15s built up a layer of fine sand and staining. You could see the panel lines from a fair distance away. These disappeared after returning home and a good rain shower. So not only was it a matter of fading due to age, but temporally were they geographically located. Also the models that Arkady72 produces are true works of art and masterpiece models! Thank you all and Best Wishes.
  9. Any news on when this kit is to be released?
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