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  1. Hello! Another new product is on sale Mikro-Mir 72019 SO 9050 Trident II jet fighter-interceptor plastic model kit scale 1/72 Best wishes ! Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
  2. SSBN-608 Ethan Allen nuclear missile submarine 1/350- NEW SSBN-611 John Marshall special operations submarine 1/350-NEW
  3. Kits 72012 and 72011 come with the same plastic parts. But some of the plastic parts are used only in one modification. Parts not used are shown in gray in the assembly instructions Also, the kits have a different scheme for installing rigging Decals 72011- First Production aircraft Howard Huges aircraft Decals 72012- Pan American Airways system 72011 Rigging scheme parts not used in set 72011: 72012 Rigging scheme parts not used in set 72012:
  4. Mig 25 RU soviet aircraft plastic model kit Released October 2020 Available for orders https://amarket-model.com/
  5. Dear modelers! We announce Pre-Order New RODEN B-36 Peacemaker plastic model kit 1/144 model release in early September 2020 https://amarket-model.com/
  6. All right said Mr. Flankerman. The model is made using mixed technology. Small plastic parts and large resin surfaces. Large resin parts add significantly to the total cost of the model. Pasting the resin wing shape takes time and labor. The production of such models can be called piece.
  7. New from RODEN available for shipping! PT-17 Kaydet Boeing-Stearman aircraft kit 1/32 Postal services around the world are gradually returning to their previous working hours. Feel free to place orders for new products from RODEN As well as the rest of the store’s assortment amarket-model.com Have a nice weekend!
  8. Photosession of the assembled and painted model Kalinin K-7 scale 1/72 from Mikromir Source: http://www.greenmats.club/models.html/models/172/калинин-к-7-микромир-172-r459/?fbclid=IwAR3iuGsGg1_W_Qvje7caaGURaJ98WqGj8NjIj3z9N_NPNfYsMsPy4CRMgD0
  9. Photo of the resin wing of the Kalinin K-7 model The relief of the skin of the wing is clearly visible
  10. New from the manufacturer Big Planes Kits CRJ-700 aircraft kit 1/72 catalog number 7215 plastic Kit decal American Eagle Good luck in modeling! https://amarket-model.com/
  11. Ukrainian manufacturer Big Planes Kits started accepting orders to 7215 1/72 CRJ-700 Bombardier aircraft kit American Eagle Plastic kit Supplemented by +Resin parts + photo etching included
  12. New Clear Prop available to order La-5 early version plastic kit 1/72 UH-2A/B Seasprite helicopter plastic kit
  13. Special offer: Free Shipping From 300 $- Europe 350 $- USA, Australia, Japan, Korea *After placing the order for the specified amount - the shipping cost is reset - you will receive a letter with the exact amount of the order without the amount for delivery https://amarket-model.com/
  14. Hello! novelty is available for orders: HUP-1 Piasecki 1/48 AMP In the coming days, we will begin sending previously paid orders. We are also ready to accept new orders for new products HUP-1 Piasecki 1/48 AMP Good luck in modeling!
  15. The assortment of our store is replenished by the manufacturer Wingsy Kits! Japanese aircraft of World War II! Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
  16. Plastic parts Kalinin K-7 20 frames! Plastic Kit Kalinin K-7 Available for shipments Good luck in modeling! A-market https://amarket-model.com/
  17. Glazing Details: 3 frames Good luck in modeling!
  18. A few detailed photos of the contents of the box Kakinin K-7 1/72: Visible detail plastic parts and decal
  19. New Amodel Available for shipping New product line NA series: FAB-9000 m54 soviet aircraft bomb scale 1/72 FAB-5000 m54 soviet aircraft bomb scale 1/72 СL-600 Bombardier Challenger scale 1/72 Limited! plastic parts Big Planes Kits AMU72359 Taylor JT-1(G-AXYK) & JT-2 (G-AYZH) set 2 in 1 AMU72358 Taylor JT-1(G-BKHY) & JT-2 (G-BFID) set 2 in 1 Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
  20. Dear friends, we present some new products from ARMORY Novelties available. Ready for shipment! Fairey Flycatcher late Jaguar-IV engine Scale 1/48 Plastic parts. Resin engine Photo etching Colorful beautiful decal Messerschmitt Bf 109E Foreign Service Aces Pt.1 scale 1/144 2 kits in the box Messerschmitt Bf 109E Foreign Service Aces Pt.2 scale 1/144 2 kits in the box Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
  21. New from MikroMir May 2020 In Stock K-7 Kalinin Soviet giant plane 1/72 scale In stock! Сборная модель. Combined model. 1. plastic parts. 2. Resin wing USS Monitor scale 1/144 In Stock Welman W10 British Submarines scale 1/35 In Stock british small submarine plastic kit special operations submarine WWII scale 1/35 Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
  22. Hello, Jeffrey Perhaps because of COVID-19 Delivery time increased. We sent your package by airmail. All packages we send are tracked. Regards, Amarket www.amarket-model.com
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